Communication '21

"After being inspired by my brother who was part of Northwestern Qatar’s inaugural batch, I chose to come here because Northwestern Qatar allowed me to pursue my dreams of being a professional, international athlete, while pursuing a quality education. Communication is a vital part of my future work as an athlete and sportsman, so Northwestern Qatar was the perfect platform to build my future."

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Journalism '24

"The diversity of Northwestern Qatar is a place where I can learn new perspectives about the world and help me grow my passion in human rights activism."

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Communication '22

"There are no limitations to the creativity you can pursue here at Northwestern Qatar."

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Communication '24

"I chose Northwestern University Qatar because of the specialized focus in communication, the diverse student body, and individualized support within a small community."

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Meet Our Wildcats

Communication '25 - Bahrain

"I chose Northwestern Qatar because of its diverse community and the prestigious education it provides. At Northwestern Qatar, I have endless opportunities to enhance my skills and grow in my knowledge across multiple subjects. As an aspiring storyteller, NU-Q allows me to also explore the beauty I believe storytelling possesses."

Communication '22 - Qatar

"Northwestern Qatar is a unique institution that supports the diversity of its student body while delivering a holistic and quality education that gives its students purpose."

Communication '25 - Jordan

"Northwestern Qatar provides me with various opportunities that allows me to pursue my dreams in media and filmmaking. I get to do all this while receiving a prestigious education and exploring new cultures in the diverse community found in Northwestern Qatar, Education City, and Qatar as a whole."

Journalism '25 - USA

"I chose Northwestern Qatar because of the amount of opportunities that the university gives to students and how the school provides us a chance to achieve what you want in the future. I knew right away that the community was tight knit and diverse, which makes the overall experience a joyful one!"

Journalism '25 - Somaliland

"Getting into Northwestern Qatar was a dream I had and Alhamdullilah, I was able to do it. I chose this school for the ways it allows us to pursue our dreams and aspirations for the future."

Communication '24 - Kazakhstan

"Northwestern allows me to not only explore, critique and study media, but also to go out and create my own masterpieces."

Journalism '24 - Kazakhstan

"Northwestern Qatar gave me a chance to pursue my dreams in journalism while also experiencing the richness of the diverse cultures here."

Journalism '24 - China

"At Northwestern Qatar, I can meet people with unique stories and experience events I would not be able to in America nor China. I can be trained to be a scholar with a global point of view and a journalist with the insights from a variety of cultures."

Communication '24 - Ethiopia

"A prestigious education from Northwestern would provide me with a solid foundation to pursue my dreams of going to law school."

Communication '24 - Zambia

"Northwestern Qatar will give me the skills and tools needed for me to change the narrative of my home country and make a change in the world."

Journalism '24 - Pakistan

"A journalism education from Northwestern would equip me and provide me with me a platform to advocate for issues that matter to me."

Communication '24 - Colombia

"Northwestern Qatar gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams to travel and explore new cultures."

Communication '24 - Syria/Spain

"The media opportunities and facilities here at Northwestern Qatar are a huge reason about why I chose this school."

Communication '24 - India/U.S.A.

"Northwestern Qatar is a place where I can leave with extensive knowledge in all the fields I enjoy, like: film, theater, writing and politics – all in one single place."

Journalism '24 - Morocco

"I chose Northwestern Qatar because of its inclusiveness for people from all social and economic backgrounds and a supportive community that pushes you to always give your best."

Communication '24 - Morocco

"At Northwestern Qatar, I have professors and facilities that can help me in pursuing my passions in digital arts like 3D modeling and VFX."

Communication '24 - Rwanda

"The hands-on education I get at Northwestern Qatar is why it’s the place for me – there’s never a dull moment."

Communication '22 - Yemen

"I get to go to a prestigious and highly ranked school that is accessible to me at the heart of the Middle East."