The following information provides a high-level overview of the NU-Q Library's policies and procedures regarding the most common fines and fees associated with overdue, lost, or damaged library materials.  For further information regarding the details of the Library's policies and procedures, please contact the Library.


A courtesy notice is sent out 3 days before an item is due to be returned to the library. An overdue notice is automatically generated and sent out by e-mail or mail the first day an item goes overdue. Additional notices are generated weekly until the item is considered “lost” (on the 30th day past the due date) for a total of 4 notices.

Overdue notices are sent out as a courtesy to all borrowers, but borrowers are liable for fines and fees whether or not an overdue notice has been received. If you are not receiving overdue notices, please contact the Circulation Desk or the Library Privileges Office to verify your e-mail or mailing address.

Patrons can check due dates on all items checked out to them, as well as renew them, by logging into “My Account” or by contacting the NU-Q Library.

Statements of fines/fees

Twice a year, the Northwestern University Library system sends out Statements of Fines and Fees to our patrons detailing all current outstanding unpaid fines and fees. Statements are also sent to students prior to their study abroad or residency semester. If you have received one of these Statements and have further questions about it, please contact us to answer your questions.


To ensure equitable access to its collections to all users, the library provides a recall service which shortens the loan period of materials charged to one borrower so that they can be used by another borrower. All charged items are subject to recall at any time, and must be returned by the recall due date. When an item has been requested for recall by another user, the borrower to whom it is currently charged is notified by e-mail that they must return the item within 3 days of the date of recall. Failure to return the material within 3 days will result in an overdue fine of 3.64 QR/day. Once the recalled item is returned, it is placed on hold for the requesting patron, who is sent a notice that the book is available to be picked up.

Overdue Fines and Fees

Overdue fines will apply at all times, including during holidays, vacations and semester breaks. Patrons are responsible for keeping track of their due dates and item renewals, accessible via “My Account” . Please note that you can’t renew an item online if:

  • the item is overdue
  • you have exceeded the maximum number of renewals
  • you have a blocked account
  • your Wildcard has expired

Overdue fines will accumulate and once your fine reaches more than 182 Qatari Riyals you will not be able to borrow until the fine is cleared.

Money collected as library fines and fees are used to purchase new materials.

Fines and fees by item or loan type

Fines by Item Type Amount
Book 3.64 QR / day
DVD & Library Media 3.64 QR / day
Magazine Bag 3.64 QR / day
USB-DVD Players 3.64 QR / day
iPad Kit 3.64 QR / day

Fines by Loan Type Amount
4 Hour Course Reserve 3.64 QR / hour
Bose Headphones 3.64 QR / hour

Other Fines and Fees Amount
Overdue Recall Items 3.64 QR / day

Lost & damaged items

Lost status items

Materials that are not returned or renewed within 29 days* after their due date are automatically marked with “Lost” status by the library system.  A replacement fee and a non-refundable 36.40 QR processing fee will be automatically assessed for every book overdue by more than 29 days. Replacement fees will be waived for “Lost” books returned within a reasonable timeframe, but the processing fees will not be waived.

Damaged items

Library staff make an effort to note damage before an item is allowed to circulate. Damage can be classified as accidental or intentional. Patrons who return items damaged by intentional misuse (including highlighting, underlining in pencil or ink, or use of adhesive notes) may be assessed fees on those items according to the severity of the damage. The patron is also responsible for any accidental damage (liquid, animal damage, etc.) that is determined to have occurred while the item was in their care. Damage, whether accidental or intentional, shortens the life of the book; in some cases the damage is so severe that the item must be replaced.

If an item is returned damaged, the following fines and fees may apply:

  • Mild Damage: A 18.2 QR fee will be assessed for minor pencil marks, dog-eared pages and post-it notes.
  • Moderate Damage: A 36.40 QR fee will be assessed for marking in pen or highlighter.
  • Minor Water Damage: If water damage is confined to the cover and only the edges of the text block or the fly leaves, the item will be sent to the bindery. A 72.8 QR fee will be assessed (36.40 QR for binding or repair and 36.40 QR for processing).
  • Severe Damage: A replacement fee plus a 36.40 QR processing fee will be assessed for damage that renders the book unusable. This includes torn or missing pages, excessive water damage, active mold or mildew, and excessive marks made by pencil, pen or highlighter.

Replacement fees

Replacement Fee Amount
Book 455 QR
DVD 455 QR
CD 455 QR
VHS 455 QR
Magazine Bag 455 QR
4 Hour Course Reserve 455 QR
Other Library Equipment varies according to value of item
iPad Kit 455 QR

Blocked borrowing privileges

Borrowing privileges are automatically blocked on accounts which:

  • have accrued fines of +182 Qatari Riyals
  • have overdue recalled items

Patrons with blocked accounts are unable to check out new books or renew books currently checked out. A blocked patron should be able to access information about why her or his account is blocked by logging into My Account. Patrons unable to log into "My Account" should check with the library staff to see if there is a problem with their library account.

Paying your fines

Fines are payable in Qatari riyals to the NU-Q Business and Finance Office.  Upon receipt of payment, NU-Q Library staff will restore users' library account status and privileges.