Intercampus Program

Semester in Qatar

About SiQ

Semester in Qatar is an intercampus program, offering Evanston students the opportunity to study at Northwestern's campus in Qatar. 

Program Quick Facts


Northwestern undergrads studying at School of Communication, Medill, and Weinberg

Program Timing

NU-Q Fall Semester (usually late August-early December)

Program application deadline

February 10

Course Delivery

On campus + regional travel

Language of instruction


Housing Type


Your Qatar Experience

Cultural orientation 

A cultural orientation will be provided by both the Study Abroad Office and the Qatar Support Office in Evanston prior to travel, as well as on-site upon arrival. Counseling and cultural shock support is also available from NU-Q’s counseling and wellness office.

Passport and visa information 

NU-Q staff will contact students to provide copies of relevant documents in advance of departure for Qatar in order to facilitate entry visas. Once in Doha, students will complete the remaining steps to attain a visa that allows their ongoing stay for study in Qatar. NU-Q staff will support students and absorb costs of this process, as well as offer continued support for instances of travel in and out of the country.

Upon arrival in Doha, students will be welcomed by NU-Q staff and transported to their on-campus accommodations. The first week is set aside for both housing and NU-Q orientation, allowing the student to learn more about their environment prior to the week of classes starting. Students will be paired with student ambassadors from NU-Q for additional support.

To experience convenience and community, students will stay in Education City housing managed by Qatar Foundation. The apartment-style units offer an opportunity to live among peers and create lasting friendships in a safe and inspiring setting. Accommodations are segregated by gender. Housing is of an exceptionally high standard. Students can easily prepare their own food or eat on campus in the Student Center, coffee shops or dining halls.

SiQ students take courses alongside Northwestern University in Qatar students at NU-Q's state-of-the-art campus in Education City. All classes are taught in English.

NU-Q courses are offered in the following areas:


Communication courses offer in-depth analysis and critique of film and cinema from a Middle Eastern perspective and with a unique lens on storytelling. Study of theory and practice is blended with the use of the latest cinematographic camera equipment and 3D-modeling software for personal and group projects.

Journalism & Strategic Communication

NU-Q’s Journalism and Strategic Communication program includes courses in news and magazine writing, “on-the-street” reporting and multimedia storytelling, public relations, advanced broadcast production, advanced online storytelling, and documentary production.

Liberal arts

History, economics, political science, religious studies, literature, biology and statistics—these are just a few examples from the liberal art and sciences foundation. Our liberal arts program includes courses relevant to the region, helping students prepare for roles in the world’s fast-growing media industries.

Education City Cross-registration

In addition to taking courses at NU-Q, SiQ students can also take classes at other universities in Education City: Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Georgetown University in Qatar, Texas A&M University in Qatar, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. 

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Learn more about specific courses offered per term

The hallmark of the 16-week fall SiQ program is the Doha Seminar. This 300-level interdisciplinary elective is a unique, collaborative assembly that brings together visiting students, a select group of peers from Education City’s diverse university campuses, faculty from several disciplines, and special guests from government, the arts, the media and business.

In this forum, students focus on Qatar as a case study of issues that include the dynamic cultural interchange of modernity and tradition, economics and politics, and geography and trade. Supplemented by field trips, the Doha Seminar is a rare opportunity to engage in a personal exchange of ideas with an extraordinary mix of students, scholars and leaders from beyond the University.

To fully imagine the variety, values and vibrancy of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, visitors need to experience the wider region and its people. Immediately following the end of coursework, NU-Q provides SiQ students with a regional excursion beyond Qatar. This is a chance to personally see, hear and feel a region second to none in its impact upon the world.

Program Costs

Direct billed program costs are currently $22,129 and cover tuition, housing and textbook fees. All students attending this program will receive a $5,000 scholarship, which will be applied to direct costs through CAESAR.  If you are a financial aid recipient, these funds will be incorporated into your financial aid package for the term. These figures are based on 2019-20 NU tuition and housing information.

Indirect costs, consisting of meals and incidentals, are approximated at $3,150. Indirect costs are based on a survey of costs for students currently in the undergraduate program at NU-Q. Meals are approximated at $21 per day; personal expenses are approximated on $9 per day, but can vary based on personal spending behaviors.

The Experience MENA Trip is funded by Northwestern University in Qatar. For this trip, students should only budget for minor incidental and travel costs.

Program Direct Costs
Fall Tuition $18,744
Activity, Athletic, Health Fees $191
Textbook Fee $600
Housing $2,594
Direct Billed Costs $22,129
Program Indirect Costs
Meals $2,205
Personal Expenses $945
Estimated Non-billed Costs $3,150
Total Student Budget $25,279

Apply for Semester in Qatar

Deadline is February 10.