The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar

About the media majlis

The first museum in the Arab world dedicated to the content of media, journalism, and communication.

The Media Majlis is the first museum in the Arab world dedicated to discussing and examining the content of media, journalism, and communication.

The museum is open to all, is free of charge, and is bilingual.

The museum’s exhibitions explore media, journalism, and communication—pasts, presents, and futures—through global, regional, and local/Qatar lenses. This new type of museum is an active space, bringing people together to engage with exhibitions and programs challenging standard narratives, where a spectrum of stories and voices are heard.

Exhibitions aim to empower audiences with a greater understanding and ability to interrogate the constantly changing media and journalism surrounding us all. Featuring extensive digital capacity exhibitions encourage visitor participation, comment, and engagement with rich stories, lesser heard voices, and the people who have and are creating our media world in the region and globally.


current exhibition

Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism

Opening Sunday, September 13, 2020

The museum’s fall 2020 exhibition asks you to imagine a world without journalism. Without reporters to interrogate the flow of events, and media platforms to spread their stories far and wide. How would this transform your experience of the world? How would it change you? Imagine life without any sense of what is happening in the world—without an understanding of our common moment, and the common dramas uniting cities, nations, and the planet. Imagine life without a culture of inquiry and interrogation, without provocations, discussions and debates about the meaning of passing events, without a chance to form an opinion on what is happening today.

Now, imagine a world without your smartphone. This device is everywhere, and everyone seems to have one. Billions in use and embedded within our contemporary culture as an integral part of everyday life. Your phone provides an instant connection to e-mail, social networks and live TV. This device has rapidly developed from being an adjunct accessory into an essential tool and extension of self. Today, the smartphone has been embraced by, and is a witness to, a new age of journalism. The device has had a profound impact on the way we access and interact with information, as well as how it can be generated and disseminated worldwide.

You are invited to explore the role of the smartphone in these changing dynamics, as both a catalyst and a cause, a blessing and a curse in Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism. 

Breaking News? is accompanied by an illustrated publication in Arabic and English, part of the museum’s Voices and Conversations series, and a season of programs in October and November.  Full details can be found on The Media Majlis website.


The museum is located within the Northwestern University in Qatar building in Doha's Education City, one building away from the Qatar National Library and Metro stop (Green Line).

Full information on hours, location and parking, programs and Bookstore can be found of the museum's website,