The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar


The first museum in the Arab world dedicated to exploring journalism, communication, and media.

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar is the first museum in the Arab world dedicated to discussing and examining the content of journalism and communication.

The museum is open to all, is free of charge, and is bilingual.

The museum’s exhibitions explore media, journalism, and communication—pasts, presents, and futures—through global, regional, and local/Qatar lenses.

Exhibitions empower audiences with a greater understanding and ability to interrogate the constantly changing media and journalism surrounding us all. Featuring extensive digital capacity exhibitions encourage visitor participation, comment, and engagement with rich stories, lesser-heard voices, and the people who have and are creating our media world in the region and globally.

Exhibitions are accompanied by programs, a publication, and online material which can be found on the museum website,



Unraveling Persuasion

Opening Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Persuasion is omnipresent. It envelopes and permeates our daily lives, driving our decision-making and influencing our behaviors. But what is it, exactly, that makes us buy into something? What compels us to take note, take action or take sides?

The museum’s fall 2021 exhibition explores the dynamics of persuasion across time and media. From political persuasion, propaganda, and social influence to the art and business of branding and advertising, investigate the motivations and strategies behind promoting people, products, services, and ideas.

By unraveling the psychology and language of persuasion, this exhibition reveals how marketing and communications influence and function within our everyday lives. From lens-based and graphic media to sensory stimuli and linguistics, content spanning 150 years will expand your awareness of the powers of persuasion—creating opportunities to develop new skills and a deeper understanding of the personal, social, and cultural contexts in which persuasion operates.

The exhibition incorporates a wide variety of international digital and physical objects along with interviews and insights from psychologists, communication specialists, designers, photographers, and advertising professionals.

Join in the dialogue—respond to, participate in, and contribute to dynamic themes and agile content throughout the exhibition—as well as a series of programs, extended online content, and a publication.

Unraveling Persuasion is accompanied by an illustrated publication in the museum’s Voices and Conversations series available in Arabic and English, and a season of programs starting in September. Full details can be found on the Media Majlis website.


The museum is located within the Northwestern University in Qatar building in Doha's Education City, one building away from the Qatar National Library and Metro stop (Green Line).

Full information on hours, location and parking, programs and Bookstore can be found of the museum's website,