Northwestern Qatar’s campus in Qatar, located in Education City, was designed by renowned American architect Antoine Predock. It is home to a community of faculty, students, and staff dedicated to learning and teaching, research and engagement.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities, Northwestern Qatar is one of the largest campuses for media and communication anywhere in the world. From its fully-automated Newsroom to production studios, classrooms, library, and its own museum – the campus is a unique place for teaching and research.


Northwestern Qatar's fully-automated newsroom features some of the most advanced technology in broadcast and production.

Designed by Beirut architect Ali Wazani, the space allows students to work in all components of news production. Using a feed from live newswires, students are able to gather information and transform it into stories, graphics, and other digital visualization elements. The automated newsroom, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, and unique in the region, enables one person to run the entire show.

The modular design of the newsroom allows students to produce a variety of programs using the available set, which can be converted to include talk shows, a panel on social media feeds, a modern news desk, and an interactive video wall.

The newsroom includes its own control room and an edit suite to produce graphics and render audio, as well as the ability to produce live reports across multiple platforms.


Presentation and Performance

Northwestern Qatar's building offers several dedicated spaces situated for performance and presentation, including an auditorium, black-box theater, and projection theater.

The Black Box is a large multipurpose space for students to produce videos and plays. It includes a separate set design and construction room. The studio is rigged with lighting equipment and special audio-cancellation and flooring. The auditorium fits 115 people, features a large HD projector, and can be used to record and stream live events. The projection theater features a 4K cinema and 7.1 Dolby surround sound.

Classroom and Study Spaces

Classrooms at Northwestern Qatar are situated to facilitate discussion and include the most advanced technology. Throughout Northwestern Qatar’s building are study spaces for small and large groups of students while located in the heart of the building is a two-story library.


If you are interested in hosting an event at Northwestern Qatar, space is rented on a limited basis. Please email for more information.