Stimulate intellectually invigorating and provocative discussions about implications of AI technologies and data science for the future of communication/media/journalism education, liberal arts education, and global AI research and development (R&D) communities.

Foster intellectual discussions to examine the impact of AI technologies and data science on digital platform design, digital media content production, journalism, strategic communication, creative writing, and creative media industries.

Invite interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conversations about Humane AI, Socially Responsible AI, ethical data science, and sustainable AI-empowered future.


Cultivate an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem for R&D on Humane AI, Socially Responsible AI, ethical data science, human-centered metaverse, and sustainable AI-empowered future.

Conduct impactful research on AI-empowered media, AI-empowered metaverse, and AI-VR convergence.

Advance human-AI interaction theory and practice



Marwan M. Kraidy

Marwan M. Kraidy is a scholar of global communication and an authority on Arab media, culture, and politics. An award-winning author and Andrew Carnegie Fellow, Kraidy’s research centers around the relationship between culture and geopolitics, theories of identity and modernity, and global media systems and industries. He is also an expert on the Middle East and fluent in Arabic.

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Founding Director

S. Venus Jin

S. Venus Jin has served as Professor-in-Residence of the Communication Program since 2019, and as Director of the Communication Program from 2022 until 2023. Since 2024, she has served as Associate Dean for Education and Founding Director of Artificial Intelligence and Media (AIM) Lab.

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George Anghelcev 

Professor in Residence

Spencer Striker

Associate Professor in Residence

Sam Meekings

Associate Professor in Residence

Claudia Kozman

Assistant Professor in Residence

Research and Development Areas

  • AI for Personalized Tutoring
  • AI for Creative Media Production
  • AI for Digital Game Design
  • Originality and Creative Writing in the Age of Generative AI
  • Credibility and Trust in Journalistic Stories Created by Generative AI
  • AI Ethics

Key Events