NU-Q Research

Qatar and the World Values Survey

Enhancing the Validity and Cross-Cultural Comparability of Survey Research Measurement

Project Description

The survey instrument developed and tested by the researchers ensured that Qatari public-opinion responses were understood correctly in cross-cultural research. The research team applied a new questionnaire technique, “anchoring vignettes,” to contextualize answers to survey questions in Qatar. This technique adjusts and weighs the variation of individual responses to ensure valid comparison between the respondents and with the answers in other cultures. Not only did this new methodology enable the researchers to better understand Qatari attitudes and opinions, but it also represented the first application of this method in the Arab Middle East, placing Qatar in a pioneering position in future global comparative social research.


Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, Sean Burns, Mary Dedinsky

Collaborating Institutions

Qatar University—SESRI (PI Justin Gengler)


Qatar National Research Fund - Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP 12-016-5-007)


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