NU-Q Research

National museums and the public imagination

A longitudinal study of the National Museum of Qatar

Project Description

The project investigates social and cultural perceptions and impact of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) across key demographic groups in Qatar, including Qatari nationals and expatriates. The study resulted in data that aims to improve the Qatari national and expatriate experience of the museums in Qatar, and inform the future development of museological practice in Qatar, in line with Qatar Museums’ stated aims to grow museums from within.

Finally, the project trains Qatari national students in social science and museological research methods, supporting the development of a knowledge economy in Qatar. Outputs included reports in Arabic and English for all museums in Qatar, an edited academic volume in Arabic and English contributing to the emerging literature on museums in the region, and three international workshops in Doha to discuss the Qatari experience with regional and international colleagues.

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Jocelyn Sage Mitchell

Collaborating Institutions

University College London-Qatar (PI Karen Exell)


Qatar National Research Fund – National Priorities Research Program (NPRP 8-389-5-051)


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