NU-Q Research

Cultivating a science-based community and scientific culture in Qatar

Project Description

To understand more deeply the role of informal science education in cultivating scientific culture and in building a knowledge-based society in Qatar, this research project focuses on studying QEERI’s Science Majlis. Examining the Science Majlis will not only help understand how scientific culture is developed in the country, but also inform us how one of Qatar’s scientific organizations address one of the four grand challenges of the country by disseminating information about solar energy to and hold discussions with the public.

The main objectives of this research project are: to use QEERI’s Science Majlis to understand the drivers and challenges of cultivating a culture of scientific learning among the Qatari public; to gain better knowledge how to engage more Qatari citizens in taking up more interests in scientific knowledge, especially in the areas of energy and water; to develop social science research skills among undergraduate students involved; to raise more awareness of Qatar’s energy and environmental challenges among the public; and to produce scholarly works examining the interplay between science and society in a contemporary Arab society.


Anto Mohsin


Qatar National Research Fund - Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP 19-155-5-030)