NU-Q Research

Arab children and youth television: A study of role models

Project Description

This research project investigates role models for Arab children that are found in television content––increasingly available also on DVDs and online platforms. The researchers administered case studies, collected expert opinions, and studied parental experiences to offer a systematic understanding of what these role models for youth mean for our society and its future.

By engaging the community in a discussion about role models for children and adolescents, this project’s goal is to “use culture to enhance young people’s learning, build their self-esteem and help them realize their full potential” (Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016, p. 205). The aim of this project is to ultimately engage academics, media practitioners, young people, their teachers, and parents in a continuous debate about television’s content in the Arab world.


Joe Khalil


Qatar National Research Fund - Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP 17-198-5-159)


Finalist in 10th UREP Competition, held April 2018.