Research at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South is organized around four key themes.  These themes reflect our inclusive vision of globality recognizing the diversities and inequalities that shape the societies we inhabit and study. Together and in conversation with one another, these four orienting themes are designed to stimulate critical conversations about enduring questions and emerging challenges that confront the Global South and its enmeshments in global structures and flows of people, goods, images, and ideas.

Research theme ONE

Genealogies and Epistemologies of the Global South

This theme cuts across much of our research.  It reflects our commitment to understanding globalization from below and to explore the categories of identity and difference (including in Qatar and the Arab world). As part of this research strand, we highlight and engage with thought traditions and literature from and about the Global South. We draw on the diversity of indigenous and local knowledge to expand our understanding of media systems, communication practices, and the world more generally.

Research theme TWO

Geopolitics, Information, and Culture

The Geopolitics, Information, and Culture research theme focuses on the intersections of culture and media in international relations. Issues of national sovereignties and their interaction with media flows, infrastructures, and systems are central to this theme as are questions of nation branding, public diplomacy, national strategic communication, and misinformation and propaganda. 

Research theme THREE

The Global Future

Research under this theme is concerned with understanding the remaking of urban life with a key focus on sustainability and infrastructure, as well as the impact of digital technologies on our understandings and imaginations of the future. This includes a focus on examining processes of datafication and the future of work, learning, health, and leisure in the Global South. Work under this research strand also contributes to knowledge on the gig economy in the Global South, and processes of precarization in the digital age.

Research theme FOUR

Media Work in the Global South

Under this theme, we explore labor and career issues as related to journalistic and media practices. We contribute to current debates about journalistic ethics, norms, and practices and explore the impact of platformization and streaming on media work in the Global South with a specific focus on media and creative industries (publishing, screen production, gaming, fashion).