The Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South (#IAS_NUQ) at Northwestern University in Qatar is currently accepting applications for 2023 #IAS_NUQ Global Undergraduate Fellows.

Fellowship Details

  • One year fellowship to carry out original research focused on the Global South.

  • Open to advanced undergraduate students registered at NU-Q (rising Juniors and Seniors).

  • Fellows receive mentorship, financial support (20,000 QR in total, including a 12,000 stipend and 8,000 towards research expenses), and logistical support.

  • Fellowship duration: one calendar year.

  • Fellows will produce and present a tangible output (scholarly publication, creative project, multimodal output, with #IAS_NUQ Press).

  • Fellows are expected to participate in #IAS_NUQ events and research groups

  • Application deadline: November 10; notification: December 8; start date: January 8, 2023.


The Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South

The Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South at Northwestern University in Qatar (#IAS_NUQ) produces and promotes evidence-based storytelling focused on the histories, cultures, societies and media of the Global South. Our inclusive vision of globality recognizes the diversities and inequalities that shape the societies we inhabit and study. We harness traditions from the liberal arts, media and communication studies, and journalism to forge multi-disciplinary and multi-modal approaches to knowledge that is locally relevant and globally resonant. This synthesis of deep expertise, interdisciplinary inquiry, and creative mediamaking stimulates critical conversations about enduring questions and emerging challenges that confront the Global South and its enmeshments in global structures and flows of people, goods, images and ideas. Our core commitments are to amplify NU-Q faculty and student scholarship and mediamaking, to boost undergraduate research, mentor our students who wish to pursue advanced graduate degrees, and forge pathways to the professoriate locally and globally. To these ends, #IAS_NUQ hosts fellows (student and faculty, internal and external) who work on individual projects or collaborate in research groups, author multi-lingual #IAS_NUQ_Press publications, and organize lectures, screenings, workshops, and conferences.

Fellowship Information

#IAS_NUQ Global Undergraduate Fellows pursue a solo research/mediamaking project on a subject of their choosing over the course of one year. We are interested in multidisciplinary projects that focus on the Global South, as reflected in these themes:

  1. Genealogies and Epistemologies of the Global South: globalization from below; identity and difference (including in Qatar and the Arab world); thought traditions and literature from and about the Global South; indigenous and local knowledges ...

  2. Geopolitics, Information and Culture: nation branding and public diplomacy; media and sovereignty; national strategic communication; misinformation and propaganda; culture and media in international relations ...

  3. The Global Future: urban life; sustainability and infrastructure; digital technology, datafication and the future of work, learning, health, and leisure; the gig economy in the Global South; precarization ...

  4. Media Work in the Global South: labor and career issues; journalistic ethics, norms, and practices; media and creative industries (publishing, screen production, gaming, fashion); impact of platformization and streaming ...

The Global Undergraduate Fellowship is an opportunity for students who have a new or ongoing research or creative project to develop it into an original contribution to evidence-based storytelling, and hence to knowledge.

Under the mentorship of #IAS_NUQ’s Assistant Director for Research, who will coordinate with #IAS_NUQ staff and postdocs, and NU-Q faculty, as needed, Global Undergraduate Fellows will develop their concept and deepen their research skills. They will publish or produce the output with #IAS_NUQ_Press, and present it to the NU-Q community.

Fellows will receive support and mentorship from #IAS_NUQ staff, who may coordinate with faculty and postdocs. Fellows may obtain a workspace as these become available and a research fund for project labor and expenses.

All Fellows are expected to participate in and promote #IAS_NUQ events, to contribute to stimulating conversations and learn about theories, methodologies, and intellectual debates in, from and about the countries of the Global South.


Fellowships are open to all advanced undergraduate students (rising Juniors and Seniors) who are in good academic standing and who are registered full-time at Northwestern University in Qatar.


Please send complete packages to on or before November 10, 2023 and must include the following:

  1. A title, a 50-word abstract, and a 500-word description of the project, including up to 20 sources or scholarly references. If applying for an ongoing project, provide a summary of the current state of the project.

  2. A 100-word statement articulating how your project contributes to #IAS_NUQ’s mission and themes.

  3. Describe your language skills necessary for the project.

  4. A 50-word explanation of how you would utilize the research funds.

  5. A note listing any other research fundings, grants, or fellowships (such as Summer Undergraduate Research Grant or Summer Internship Research Program) you are (or are planning on) applying to during 2022/23. Please note you are required to share other research fundings you are receiving with the IAS team.

  6. A CV/résumé and a 50-word narrative biography.

For help in developing your proposal, to discuss a potential project or find out more about the opportunity, please contact Dr. Clovis Bergère, Assistant Director for Research, as early as possible at ( A committee of Institute staff and NU-Q faculty will evaluate all applications and make recommendations to the Dean, who will consult with the Senior Associate Dean before making decisions. Incomplete or late applications will not receive full consideration.