Meet the Class of 2020

Awad Abdelrahman

Noor Abunaba'a

Md Razi Al Islam

Wijdan Al-Khateeb

“My favorite memories at NU-Q include attending basketball games, organizing the Creative Media Festival 2020 and the craziness that came with it, attending NU-Q’s Graduation Fair, the entire Comm Exchange experience at @northwesternu + the people I traveled with. These memories led to rewarding experiences like the Studio 20Q Premiere, Media & Research Awards, and the final CMF showcase.”

Malek Al Manaa

“NU-Q taught me - in one way or another- to stand up for what I believe in. It also taught me that with enough support from our community, and enough coffee, I could achieve anything I wanted to.”

Maryam Al-Boinin

“I always said that education is not about being the smartest in front of others, it is about how smart you use it to inspire others, and that's what is important to me."

Mariam Al-Dhubhani

“NU-Q gave me a second chance to pursue my dreams, to complete a degree in journalism, get back to filmmaking, and share my story with the world along with what is happening in my home, Yemen. My work and films toured the world and became a force against mainstream stereotypes shared on the news about Yemen and its people. My degree gave me a voice when I needed one the most, and now I am equipped to extend that to others as well.”

Ibrahim Abdulrazzq H M Al-Emadi

Hamiean Al-Hardan

“I am extremely grateful. NU-Q changed my life, and because of that, I consider it home. I've grown and achieved things beyond my imagination. My three takeaways from my time here are: build connections and make lots of friends; listen, you will learn a lot from people outside of your friend group; and grow – take on new challenges, take on a student job, or apply to be a teaching or research assistant.”

Jawaher Al-Khater

“Self-compassion goes a long way.”

Lolwa Al-Khori

“A popular Arabic proverb states ‘Every delay has its blessings.’ My advice to my classmates would be to stay positive, patient, and persistent. This could be an opportunity for positive change in our lives despite the madness.”

Maryam Al-Kubaisi

Deema Al-Kuwari

“Trust yourself and the timing of your life.”

Noor Al-Maadeed

Reem Al-Maadeed

Jawaher Al-Majed

Tarfa Al-Mansouri

“My journey at NU-Q had been a very special one; it allowed me to discover more about myself and the world around me in such an intriguing approach. Even during the most stressful times of the year where everything seemed to fall apart, pursuing my passion in film and research has kept me going.”

Haya Al-Mohannadi

“During my time at NU-Q, I was encouraged to go above and beyond, which pushed me to travel abroad to present my research with my peers, film my own documentary (which got nominated for Media and Research Awards), and minor in Media and Politics. These experiences were the most memorable and beneficial – the ones that allowed me to grow the most, which makes me so grateful to be a part of the NU-Q community.”

Kholoud Al-Mohannadi

“It's hard to believe my NU-Q experience has come to an end. I made unforgettable memories and was enriched with the most valuable knowledge. It's definitely worth the caffeine addiction and those sleepless nights.”

Aisha Al-Muftah

“Northwestern has given me the chance to participate in experiences that I will never forget with amazing people who have become more than family. My favorite memories at NU-Q were the travel courses that I took and the friendships I formed throughout. I am deeply grateful to have had the chance to be a part of these courses, work experiences, and most importantly, the NU-Q community.”

Majed Al-Naimi

"Success doesn't rush. The greatest reward is the journey."

Leila Al-Nuaimi

“If I could share any words of wisdom with myself entering freshman year, I’d tell myself not to be afraid to try new things, to throw myself into all activities with 100% enthusiasm, to make as many connections with people as I can and to enjoy these precious moments.”

Maryam Al-Romaihi

“To NU-Q’s Class of 2020, we made history!”

Ameera Al-Said

“Our batch has gone through a lot of changes in those four years…more than my hair did. I’m forever proud of us, and I'm pretty sure it’s a batch that will never be forgotten.”

Aljaze Al Suwaidi

“Be open to change. The beauty of improvisation is that it can take a great script and make it even better.”

Ali Al-Thani

“Unforgettable memories and experiences were made during the four years at NU-Q, all while meeting amazing people who always pushed you to your limit.”

Reem Al Ahmad

Reem AlAhmed’s motto for the Class of 2020 is inspired by the @friends character Monica Geller, who said, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it."

Hazar AlKilani

Shaikha AlMoawda

“Take advantage of your time at Northwestern and be involved in everything. Apply for student trips, be a member of the Student Union, become a teacher's assistant, a research assistant, apply for internships, create a Studio 20Q film. Being involved will gain you a lot of experience, connections, and skills that will aid you in your career moving forward.”

Shaikha AlShaibi

"My favorite memories at NU-Q include learning how to handle a camera and capturing the best moments of our lives.”

Hamad Arbabi

Fareehan Elgakhlab

Sahar Elkabash

“My favorite memory is my SLT trip during freshman year - the first time I traveled somewhere other than Qatar or Egypt. It was also my first trip without my family. I met one of my best friends on that trip and we grew closer because of it. I made unforgettable memories and met irreplaceable people.”

Maha Essid

“You don’t find something you’re not looking for.”

Mariam Feroun

Dylan Finol

Ge Gao

“Better to run, than to curse the road.”

Sana Hussein

Menatalla Ibrahim

"I found my voice, my passion, and my spark in being a journalist, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without everything I’ve learned at NU-Q. So,10 years from now, when I have a camera in my hand and 30 minutes to submit my news package, I will always remember where it all started."

Aimen Jan

"Sudden wisdom, memorable failures, hysteric laughter, pure embarrassment, infinite dreams, and a lifetime of memories. Thank you and goodbye!"

Dalia Kanaan

“Do yourself a favor and take a class with Dana Atrach.”

Hanmin Kim

“From a student who did not know much about the Middle East to a student who can explain a BIT about the Middle East, I academically became a different person. Also, NU-Q offered me a chance to have more opportunities in the future.”

Dana Mahmoud

Salwa Sadek

Sarah Shaath

“My NU-Q experience was far from smooth, but it's the challenges that made me grow. Leaving with a completely different mindset from when I first entered is scary, but that's the beauty of growth. Learning to let go and take every day as it comes is important.”

Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman

“My time at NU-Q transformed my thinking about the world. I got to learn a lot from the service and study abroad programs. My work experiences as a peer tutor, research assistant, and a teaching assistant helped me grow professionally. The production and marketing classes at NU-Q were very helpful due to their practical nature. Overall, NU-Q provided me with countless opportunities that helped me to learn new skills and explore the aspects of my personality which helped to develop a more mature perspective of the world for me.”

Farah AlSharif

"To keep it short and sweet, my time at NUQ was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions that brought me knowledge and experiences I never thought I would ever have. It brought me the best of people even in the most stressful of times. From all-nighters spent in the computer lab editing to Go Wild Week and student elections, every trip, class, and event taught me something about myself that I’ll surely never forget. It’s been a wild ride, Northwestern. Go Cats!"

Nadine Yaser Abdellatif Abulnasr

Alanoud Jabor A H Al-Attiya

Abdulla Ahmed A H Al-Emadi

Omar Ahmed A H Al-Emadi

Noora Rashid K. M. Al-Khalifa

Alyaa Mubarak A S Al-Mazrouei

Haya Mohammed R SH Al-Mohannadi

Alanoud Hamad TH. M Al-Thani

Alanoud Khalid S. A. Al-Thani

Ali Hamad A. J. Al-Thani

Alkhozama Khalifa A. J. Al-Thani

Almayasa Abdulla J. H. Al-Thani

Hessa Khalid N. H. Al-Thani

Khalid Ahmed K.M. Al-Thani

Noora Jassim A. A. Al-Thani

Noora Nasser A. A. Al-Thani

Sara Hamad KH. H. Al-Thani

Shaikha Hassan J. M. Al-Thani

Munera Sultan H A AlDosari

Dana Mohammed M S AlShamlan

Ayilah Chaudhary

Mohamed Mohsen Eledrisi

Noora Abdulla I O Fakhroo

Abdulmajeed Adam

Muhammad Hadi

Muhammad Humam

Ayza Sheikh