Class of 2024 urged to bring peace to the world

May 08, 2024

Northwestern Qatar celebrated the Class of 2024 graduation ceremony. In his address to the 126 graduates, Dean and CEO Marwan M. Kraidy underscored the important role a communicator plays in an increasingly disrupted world.

The ceremony began with Kraidy reflecting on the state of the world and how it has impacted their academic journey. “You joined the Northwestern family during a global pandemic, and you are graduating at a time of antagonism and violence,” said Kraidy. In these times of change, he reminded them “to repair, to heal, to bring peace.”

As the graduates step into the media and communication industries, Kraidy urged them to apply their strength as evidence-based storytellers to “look beyond differences, geography, and existing ways of knowing.” He added that, as communicators across borders and boundaries, there is an opportunity to make an impact. “We are people of the word; We are people of the image,” he emphasized. “Use the arts, sciences, and crafts of media you have acquired here at Northwestern to bring change and improve the world we live in.”

Kraidy went on to charge them to contribute to peace around the world, noting, “The role of the communicator is thrilling and vital, but it comes with heavy responsibility and accountability.” He added, “I beseech you to not only climb the ladder to advance your career but to help others climb to see further with you and help bring peace to the world.”

Similarly, graduation speaker award-winning counselor and author Hala Kazim told the audience that humility is key as they prepare to step into the future. “If you are humble, you open the doors to life,” said Kazim. As they move from classroom to industry and embark on the next chapter of their lives, she encouraged them to “be open to learning” and to lead with curiosity and open-mindedness. 

Class speaker Haya Al Kuwari commended her peers for their perseverance and prompted them to embrace the future. “As we celebrate the end of this journey, a new beginning awaits us,” said Al Kuwari. “A beginning filled with opportunity, challenges, and uncertainty. A beginning I encourage you to embrace and welcome with an open heart because, despite our circumstances, our fears, or our doubts, our stories are written within us.”

With 126 graduates from 31 countries, the Class of 2024 represents the school’s rich diversity and its commitment to excellence. Their undergraduate journey has been marked by scholarly achievements and transformative extracurricular experiences that have shaped them into well-rounded individuals poised to make a meaningful impact on the world stage after graduation.

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