Seven student films premiere at 10th Studio 20Q gala

March 18, 2024

More than 300 guests, including students, faculty, and staff from Northwestern Qatar, local and international filmmakers, and industry leaders, witnessed the premiere of seven Northwestern Qatar student films at Studio 20Q Premiere 2024.


Every year, Studio 20Q, a student-run film and production club, awards Northwestern Qatar students and recent alumni grants to turn their storytelling vision into films, and then showcase them at an annual community-wide red carpet gala in the spring. This year’s premiere, the 10th in the club’s history, featured seven funded short films, including the first short film jointly produced by Northwestern Qatar and VCUarts Qatar students from the Film and Design minor program.

Films showcased this year addressed a number of social, cultural, and political issues in the Global South. These included the stories of female family members left behind by their migrant fathers, the struggles of overseas workers to sustain themselves while battling their illnesses, the journey of trauma victims towards healing and self-discovery, the importance of kindness, the challenges posed by language barriers for migrant workers, the plight of abandoned women in their quest for shelter, and the societal norms for women in Pakistan.

List of films showcased at Studio 20Q Premiere 2024:
  • “Muntazir” by Farina Amir ’22 and Moom Thahinah ’22
  • “K Khais?” by Paribesh Sitoula ’23 and Samip Khulal ’24
  • “Lehrein” by Fatima Romzan, Fatima Dauleh ’22, and Noora Al Henzab (Film and Design minor)
  • “Bint Al-Sayyad” by Yazid Taki ’24, Khalifa Al-Kuwari ’24, Ahmad Al-Mushaddani, and Karam Sleiman ’24
  • “Asliyat” by Abdullah Imran ’23 and Mohammed Al-Khulaifi ’23
  • “Ghar” by Farhia Ahmed ’24 and Noor Ul Ain ’24
  • “Musafir” by Neeha Rashid ’23 and Nadia Al Hinai ’23

Established in 2012, Studio 20Q is a vital part of the university’s vibrant student life and is one of many student-run organizations at Northwestern Qatar providing a platform for students to enhance their skills for evidence-based storytelling and experience filmmaking outside of production classes. In addition to providing funding opportunities for students, it organizes workshops, training sessions, and networking events throughout the year.