From campus to red carpet: Student and alumni films win hearts and awards at Doha Film Institute

March 13, 2024

Northwestern Qatar students and alumni made waves in the Doha Film Institute's (DFI) Made in Qatar (MIQ) and Qumra programs, showcasing their talent and making significant contributions to the local, regional, and international cinematic landscape.


Every year, MIQ celebrates homegrown talent and provides a platform for Qatari and Qatar-based filmmakers to present their unique perspectives on a global scale. This year’s edition, the 10th in MIQ’s history, featured six films produced by alumni during their time at Northwestern Qatar in the public screenings, including:

  • "A Simple Cut" by Maha Al-Jefairi,
  • "The Chandelier" by Karim Emara,
  • "When It's Time (El Maradh Ma Bektil)" by Awad Hashim Karrar, and
  • "Do You Remember Me?" by Maryam Al-Mohammed (Class of 2025)


Northwestern Qatar alumni were among the filmmakers recognized for their outstanding work as part of the Made in Qatar Awards. Awad Hashim Karrar received the Special Jury Mention, while Karim Emara was honored with the Best Film Award.


Parallel to MIQ, the Qumra program, which provides mentorship and support to emerging filmmakers from Qatar and the region, included Northwestern University in Qatar's Mayar Hamdan, Latifa Al Darwish, Amal Al-Muftah, and Hamad AlFayhani, who presented their forthcoming film projects across production stages and contributed to the diversity of voices in cinema. 

As Northwestern Qatar continues to foster a culture of excellence in media and storytelling, its students and alumni contribute to shaping the future of the cinematic landscape in Qatar and the region. Through their participation in programs like MIQ and Qumra, they not only showcase their talent but also contribute to the global conversation in filmmaking, inspiring audiences worldwide with their creativity and excellence.