#IAS_NUQ Virtual Event Series: Meredith Schweig, Renegade Rhymes: Rap Music, Narrative, and Knowledge in Taiwan

May 18, 2023

Joining the #IAS_NUQ Virtual Event Series, Meredith Schweig, author of Renegade Rhymes: Rap Music, Narrative, and Knowledge in Taiwan, examined how rap music has become an essential instrument for exploring and creating new knowledge about Taiwan's ethnic, cultural, and political history in a post-authoritarian era. Drawing from her ethnographic fieldwork, Schweig explored how younger generations of rappers use the art form to build connections and practice democratic citizenship, helping them navigate the complexities of their lives.

About the book*:
Like many states emerging from oppressive political rule, Taiwan saw a cultural explosion in the late 1980s, when nearly four decades of martial law under the Chinese Nationalist Party ended. As members of a multicultural, multilingual society with a complex history of migration and colonization, Taiwanese people entered this moment of political transformation eager to tell their stories and grapple with their identities. In Renegade Rhymes, ethnomusicologist Meredith Schweig shows how rap music has become a powerful tool in the post-authoritarian period for both exploring and producing new knowledge about the ethnic, cultural, and political history of Taiwan.

Schweig draws on extensive ethnographic fieldwork, taking readers to concert venues, music video sets, scenes of protest, and more to show how early MCs from marginalized ethnic groups infused rap with important aspects of their own local languages, music, and narrative traditions. Aiming their critiques at the educational system and a neoliberal economy, new generations of rappers have used the art form to nurture associational bonds and rehearse rituals of democratic citizenship, making a new kind of sense out of their complicated present.
*Book description by The University of Chicago Press