World Cup activities include Northwestern Qatar students and alumni

November 30, 2022
With the world’s attention focused on Qatar and the World Cup, Northwestern Qatar students and alumni are busy helping make the tournament a success for the teams and the fans.
Many of the school’s students and alumni are taking part in the media coverage as they work with some of the world’s major international media outlets arriving in Qatar to cover the tournament, including CNN, Fox Sports, and regional and international media.
“The kick-off of the World Cup in Qatar is offering several opportunities to Qatar and the Arab world,” Marwan M. Kraidy, dean and CEO, noted. “It is also providing a major opportunity to our students and alumni who are taking advantage of the education they received at Northwestern Qatar in media and communication by contributing to both the coverage of the event, as well as other communication needs related to the tournament.
Kraidy pointed to Lieutenant Majed Al Naimi, a public relations officer in the Ministry of Interior in Qatar, who is among the alumni working on safety communications between local organizations and the public during the tournament. As a member of the Safety and Security Operations Committee, he is helping to develop the communications strategy that is focused on public safety measures during the tournament.
Al Naimi said that he takes particular satisfaction as a Qatari in helping to make the games successful – and safe. “Effective communication with audiences who come from different backgrounds and speak multiple languages is key when talking about organizing mega sports events with the magnitude and scale of the World Cup,” said Al Naimi. “As a Qatari, I take pride in putting the communications skills I learned at Northwestern Qatar in the service of my country to help it deliver a safe tournament for all fans.”
Another alum, Shaden Wahdan, is a producer at Al Kass Sports Channels, based in Qatar. During the tournament, she is on the ground covering games and activities around the country. After the tournament, she said that she will be reporting on the sporting legacy and social impact from the tournament on communities in Qatar.
A former Olympian and gymnast, Wahdan said that being involved on the ground with such a massive global sports event provides her with the opportunity to combine her interests in journalism and sports. “Being passionate about sports and as a journalism graduate myself, it is only natural to be interested in taking part in covering the first World Cup in the Arab world,” she said.
For students at Northwestern Qatar, the World Cup is also offering them internship opportunities at news outlets covering the tournament, including Fox Sports and CNN, as well as marketing communications agencies.
Annastazia Ng'ambi, a student from Zambia, is completing an internship at FIFA Legacy as a broadcast assistant. An aspiring broadcast journalist, Ng'ambi says working on projects related to the World Cup offers her the chance to put into action the reporting skills she has learned at Northwestern as well as expanding her professional experience in the field.
“Being an international student, I find it exciting because I never imagined participating in the World Cup,” said Ng'ambi. “Working with other journalists from around the world will enable me to build further specialized expertise and provide me with the chance to learn more about broadcasting outside of the classroom and gain a better understanding of how broadcasting functions in the real world.”
Ahmad Alony Hamed, career services manager at Northwestern Qatar, said that the World Cup allows students to explore various opportunities across the media industry. “Working on World Cup-related projects is a rare experience for undergraduate students and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will have a remarkable impact on their professional careers,” he said. “It is great to see our students being actively involved in internships with such world-class media companies and honing in on their professional skills in the process.”