The recent announcement of a Qatar National Research Fund grant awarded to members of our faculty has resurfaced an old blog post, by one of the grantees, that continues to cause pain in our community–both within NU-Q and the wider Qatari community.

We acknowledge that the pain is real and, as an institution, we pledge to renew our efforts to heal the wounds. We reaffirm that Northwestern University in Qatar, under the leadership of Dean Kraidy, is genuinely committed to world-class research and teaching in, about, and for our context: Qatar, the Arab world, and the Global South. Consistent with Northwestern University’s tradition of scholarly excellence, we are passionately devoted to creating an environment that is free of any form of discrimination against any individual or group–including our Qatari students–and ensuring that every member of this community is treated with dignity and respect, is included in conversations affecting them, and is trained, nurtured, and empowered to create knowledge about their own community and the world—regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or gender. Northwestern University has accessible mechanisms to report any incident of discrimination on any of its campuses, including NU-Q, and we encourage members of our community to report any encounters they feel are discriminatory.

Link to Northwestern University’s Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance:

In our steadfast commitment to maintaining an equitable workplace and to building strong structures of inclusive knowledge production, we appreciate QNRF’s ongoing support of our research enterprise.

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