New Exhibition to Open at The Media Majlis

August 27, 2020

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar will open its third exhibition, Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism, on September 13. The exhibition explores the dynamics of journalism in response to the smartphone. 

Breaking News? how the smartphone changed journalism shines a light on the opportunities, limitations, and blemishes of smartphone technology with expanding journalistic platforms, the diminishing gap between consumers and producers of news, human behavioral shifts, and technological design innovations. The transformative nature of the smartphone and its ongoing impact on journalism are reflected in areas within the exhibition, allowing for ideas to evolve and be updated in response to real-time news developments and visitor interactions.

With billions of smartphones currently in use, it is a crucial time to take stock and look forward. This exhibition instigates a dynamic dialogue, incorporating multiple perspectives from across theory and practice. It is an inspiring context and opportunity for audiences to interrogate and engage in discussions as consumers of news, journalism professionals, and students. 

To complement the exhibition, a publication with contributions from high-profile journalism and technology professionals, including a foreword written by Marty Cooper, the inventor of the first-ever handheld cellular mobile and pioneer in the wireless industry, will be available for purchase. 

The Media Majlis will be taking private visit bookings in September and October. For more information, visit