Between Homes, Homesickness, and Homelessness

July 23, 2020

When NU-Q student Manan Bhavnani boarded his flight to Washington D.C. in early February, he was eager to begin his 10-week journalism residency with the Pulitzer Center. What he didn’t know was three-weeks into his internship, the world would experience a pandemic outbreak that would change the course of his journey, leaving him feeling stranded and pondering the meaning of “home” from aboard. 

Back in Qatar, Bhavnani penned his thoughts onto his Medium blog, contemplating the idea of a ‘home’ for a third-culture-kid and reflecting on the experience he had when he and his family left India for Qatar in 2008, similar, he notes to decisions his ancestors made when they migrated from Pakistan to India during the 1947 partition.

Bhavnani is a senior majoring in journalism and strategic communication, with a minor in media and politics. He is a passionate reporter who enjoys covering geo-political topics, especially when connected to sports. His experience with COVID-19 inspired him to launch a website detailing his experiences and thoughts on navigating a pandemic.

To read his first article, ‘Between Homes, Homesickness, and “Homelessness,”’ click here.