Northwestern University in Qatar has announced a new director for its Writing Center with the appointment of Kelly Wilson, a language specialist who will also teach an introductory writing course in the university’s Liberal Arts Program.

Before joining NU-Q, Wilson was the manager of Student Learning Support at Texas A&M University at Qatar, where she has worked since 2010 in several positions, including program coordinator and writing consultant.

“Ms. Wilson is a writing specialist with a strong track record in working with students to enhance their writing skills,” said Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO. “Under her direction, our Writing Center will continue to be a place that empowers students and encourages them to think critically about their writing, messaging, and the audience they are communicating with – three very critical components for future communicators." 

With support from 21 students working as peer tutors, Wilson provides one-on-one feedback to students seeking help with every stage of the writing process including generating ideas, structure, organization, research practices, citation formatting, and general guidance on English grammar and punctuation.

“The Writing Center at NU-Q is a safe place for critique and feedback,” said Wilson. “In the same way that designers need an audience, writers need readers and copyeditors who will give them constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.” 

Aside from her work in the center, Wilson is also looking forward to teaching first-year students how to write. She said, “Being at a school where the liberal arts and humanities are so interwoven into the curriculum is like a dream come true. I am excited to be working with students who are aspiring to be future novelists, reporters, filmmakers, and professional communicators.”

With several contributions at education conferences worldwide, Wilson also serves on multiple learning and selection committees and holds memberships in numerous professional networks, including the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA).

Wilson received her MA in English from Northern Arizona University and her BA in English from the University of Southern Mississippi.