Students produce creative work for top media orgs

April 21, 2019

Over the past several months, students from NU-Q have been interning at top media organizations in the U.S and Europe and studying at Northwestern’s home campus in the United States.

The university’s Journalism and Strategic Communication Residency Program sent students on internships to media outlets including the BBC, Vice News, The Guardian, and AJ+.


Asmahan I. Qarjouli, AJ+, D.C.

Communication students engage at Northwestern U.S. campus

While journalism majors were completing media internships, more than a dozen NU-Q communication juniors spent two 10-week quarters on the home campus in Evanston, IL, USA, taking courses, engaging in extracurricular activities, building connections with Evanston students, and sampling American culture.

Juniors Maha Essid, Wijdan Al-Khateeb, and Sahar ElKabash participated in events sponsored by Northwestern’s Muslim Cultural Students Association (MCSA). Essid and Al-Khateeb were also involved with the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a student, faculty, and community group dedicated to Palestinian rights and self-determination.  


“Most (NU-E) students are curious, and we get to hear their opinions about our culture and countries,” ElKabash said.

In early March, for one week, a separate delegation of NU-Q student ambassadors buddied with NU-E students who took them to classes, popular eateries and other social activities.

“Both programs enable NU-Q students to enjoy the full benefits of going to a renowned global university, while helping to strengthen ties between the Evanston and Doha campuses,” said Dean Everette E. Dennis.