Public Service Media in the Networked Society, co-edited by NU-Q Communication Program Director and Professor Gregory Ferrell Lowe, clarifies and critiques the term of a “networked society” -- a concept that although vague, functions as a buzzword and catchphrase in corporate strategy and academic discourse. The anthology discusses the public interest value of media in the digital era. 

“The eighth book in the RIPE Reader series questions the wisdom of de-emphasizing the social responsibilities of media in return for the significant benefits they enjoy as businesses and the power they have as media of social interaction,” said Lowe. “At issue is whether public service will continue to have importance in the role of media for the needs of civil society in the digital age. Our answer is yes, and this book explains why that continues to matter.” 

The volume is published by Nordicom, a non-profit knowledge center that works to collect and communicate media and communication research conducted in the Nordic countries. It features 14 chapters from leading media scholars on topics ranging from policy and governance to distribution and service challenges. 

The volume was also edited by Hilde Van den Bulck from the University of Antwerp and Karen Donders from the Free University of Brussels.

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