Admitted students preview NU-Q in celebratory event

April 30, 2018

In a room full of eager admitted students and their families, Northwestern University in Qatar’s dean, faculty, staff, students, and alumni joined the Class of 2022 in celebrating their acceptance as undergraduates to Northwestern. 

The event – Preview NU-Q – saw a high turnout of admitted students – both local and international – including 17 students who flew in from around the world to attend the event. Throughout the night, attendees took part in a series of activities to explore academic, social, and professional opportunities offered by the University. 

“Students enrolling at NU-Q are joining a community of multi-talented students who share a passion for story-telling and content creation,” said Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO. “NU-Q provides a space for students to engage in academic and hands-on learning opportunities, as well as the freedom to dream, create, and realize their ambitions.” 

This year was the most competitive admissions season for NU-Q with more than a 50 percent increase in applications from international candidates – representing more than 60 countries. In addition, due to the additional applicants, along with increased selectivity, the percentage of students accepted fell by seven percent.

Speaking at the event, NU-Q alumna Yara Darwish, said, “NU-Q provided me with a support system that scaffolded my learning. My four years at Northwestern were so pivotal in shaping the person I am today, I learned life skills that have helped me advance in both my educational and career journeys.”  

Darwish, who attended the University of Cambridge for her masters, also explained why she chose to purse her undergraduate education at NU-Q, “Everything about Northwestern felt right to me. The well varied program, the friendly atmosphere, the world-class education, and the excellent faculty, made it the perfect choice for me.”

Separately, NU-Q student and President of the Student Union Noof Al Sulaiti, shared her journey as an undergraduate, “Northwestern provided me with the skills and know-how to produce world-class films and stories that will inform and create an impact. My Northwestern story will continue with me forever as a I continue to build on everything I have learned here and tell stories from Qatar to the world.” 

The Class of 2022 includes a number of students from countries not currently represented at NU-Q, including Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Hungary, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia, Taiwan, and Zambia. 

Alex Schultes, director of admissions spoke to the group and said, “Every student joining NU-Q brings their own unique interests, strengths, and background to the university’s dynamic student body. We are delighted to see such excitement from the incoming class, most of whom confirmed their enrollment on the night of the event.”

Abdelrahman Abed, who has been admitted to the Class of 2022, expressed interest in studying in the Journalism and Strategic Communication Program. “I hope to get a degree that will help change the world in a way that is impactful,” he said.

Regina Hossfeldt Gonzalez, an aspiring film director, felt that NU-Q would provide her with the academic rigor and practical training she needs to fulfil her dream. “I felt inspired by students who have attended Northwestern, and I feel like it’s the right place to get a world-class education in that field,” she said. 

As part of the preview of Northwestern, the students will also attend a lecture on politics and film delivered by NU-Q Professors Scott Curtis and Jocelyn Sage Mitchell on May 1st. The lecture provides the students with a better understanding of what a classroom discussion will be like and offers them an opportunity to engage directly with faculty. Seats are limited.