Shedding light on global issues

Dean Dennis speaks at Kansas State as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series in Manhattan, Kansas.

Dean Everette E. Dennis recently spoke to an audience of the students, faculty, staff, and leadership at Kansas State University, where he began his teaching career and served as interim director of the university’s A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

At the K-State Distinguished Lecture session titled "Global Media in the Digital Age,” Dennis expounded the term’s meaning and its effect on individuals and society.

Below is an excerpt: 

"There are challenges to freedom of expression worldwide," Dennis said. "I get a report every morning — there are a couple ones from the International Press Institute — that are just plagued with 'Somebody's in jail in Turkey,' 'Someone in Bulgaria has had this happen to them,' 'Something's happened in India' and… of course North Korea is always in horrific situations going on." Dennis said global media can shed a light on the problems of the world. "No matter where you look, there seems to be a pattern of repression of freedom of expression, and that includes a lot of things," Dennis said.

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