Settling in: updates on NU-Q's new home

January 11, 2017

During the past three months, NU-Q’s facilities and IT teams have been working around the clock to pack and move everyone to our new building. And conversations with faculty, staff, and students indicate a real appreciation for their hard work.

“The teams put in numerous hours and worked over weekends and the holidays to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of equipment, resources, and personal belongings to the new building,” said Ray Corcoran, director of facilities management. “The move would not have been possible if it was not for each individual’s contribution.”

Over the holiday break, Corcoran, his staff and colleagues from IT moved all faculty and staff to the new building, as well as preparing the classrooms for the start of the semester. Meanwhile, library staff worked throughout the first week to ensure that the library was also ready for the start of classes. Last week, the café on the ground floor also opened. While the initial move has gone smoothly, Corcoran said that there is still much work to be done.


The Newsroom, which includes the latest technology, will feature a news desk area, an area for interviews and talk shows, as well as an interactive video wall, and a social media area. The Newsroom is situated on the second floor, opposite the IT suite, and is expected to be completed by the end of the semester.

Saif Tip and Forum Video Wall

On the outside of the building, overlooking the main entrance, is a large LED screen – the Saif Tip. Saif means sword in Arabic, and the location of the screen resembles two swords about to meet. In addition, inside the building there will be a three-story video wall with multiple screens that will work with the Saif Tip in providing information through videos and images. Both are expected to be operational in May.

Black Box

The Black Box, located on the ground floor is scheduled to be completed by the end of February, and will serve as a multipurpose space for students to produce videos and plays. It will include a separate set design and construction room, which will be accessible next semester.  

Events Hall

To host large-scale events, including graduation, an automated Events Hall is set to be ready by the end of this month. The Events Hall is located on the ground floor.


Located in the heart of NU-Q’s new building is a two-story library overlooking Oxygen Park. It is designed to be the hub of the building for studying and researching. Its collection has also expanded due to the capacity of the new space, providing a wider range of books, resources, films, and publications.

Projection Theater

Another impressive technological feature in the building is the cinema and surround-sound system that is available in the Projection Theater. The theater, which is located on the ground floor next to the production offices, will be used to screen films by students and faculty, as well as professionals in the industry. The room is also equipped with automated cameras to record and stream events.

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar

Through the exploration, discussion, and interrogation of media, journalism, and communication, the Media Majlis will engage multiple audiences with media. Designed as an interactive space that brings people together, its first exhibition is scheduled for January 2018.