[The National] How important is the American Muslim vote in the upcoming U.S. elections?

U.S. Capitol building

Northwestern University in Qatar alumna

The 3.3 million-strong American Muslim community appears to be far more galvanised to vote in this election than in earlier polls because of the anti-Muslim rhetoric, said Meira Neggaz, executive director at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), which studies issues affecting American Muslims.

However, Ms Negazz thinks more needs to be done.

"We did a poll back in January and we found that 60 per cent Muslims were registered to vote which is quite low when around 85 per cent are eligible to vote," she said. "What is more concerning are the ‘inshallah’ voters who plan to vote but haven’t registered yet."

She said the presence of Muslims in swing states such as Florida and Michigan could have a major impact on the election results depending on the voter turnout.

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