[Qatar Foundation] Graphic novel by NU-Q professor to be published by HBKU Press

Asra & The Orphan Moon is expected to be published in 2017

The following excerpt is from the article "A Novel Approach" published by Qatar Foundation:

Asra & The Orphan Moon, a graphic novel by NU-Q lecturer Anne Sobel, is already generating widespread buzz for its powerful depictions of strong khaleeji female characters, while a recent support from HBKU Press will soon see the epic tale hitting shelves across Qatar.

How does a 15-year-old courageous footballer become the feminist heroine of the Arabian Gulf? It’s a question author Anne Sobel set out to explore in her debut graphic novel Asra & The Orphan Moon. A lecturer in residence in the Communications Program at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q), a partner university of Qatar Foundation (QF), Sobel said the seeds for the character of Asra were sown back in 2010 during her first visit to Doha.

“The Lady Wildcats were in a tournament at NU-Q during my visit, and the Dean of Communications at the time took me to the game,” said Sobel. “The players were such a thrill to watch, and I saw a lot of superhero potential there. At the time I remember feeling frustrated that I never saw great khaleeji heroines, like these basketball players, represented in literature and media. I want to hear about khaleeji women who are playing basketball, making scientific discoveries, or changing the fashion industry.”

The novel’s storyline and characters play out over the span of 100 years, and at an impressive 500 pages in length, Sobel plans to publish the tale in two volumes through Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Press. The story of Asra is one that expands beyond the Arabian Gulf, appealing to an international comic book audience who can relate to its young protagonist.

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