[Gulf Times] NU-Q treatise throws new light on Arab media trends

Joe F. Khalil

The following excerpt is from an article published by Gulf Times:

The Special Section to the edition on "Global Communication Power: Shift or Stasis?" is drawn from an NU-Q conference on "Fresh Global Media Players" held last year, and features some of the world’s top media scholars and professionals who came to Doha for the conference sessions and subsequently produced the journal articles.

Of the many contributors, Joe F. Khalil, associate professor in residence at NU-Q, seeks “to identify complex dynamics in Arab media” in his article, "The Business Push and Audience Pull in Arab Entertainment Television."

“It is an interesting period in the development of Arab media, particularly television, when we observe greater demands for local productions motivated by an increased audience awareness," Khalil said. "At the same time media conglomerates are increasingly interested in standardizing their content across the region. This push/pull effect has, for example, resulted in media conglomerates trying to "localize" their offerings while audiences increasingly benefit from new technologies to produce their own local content.”

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