Admissions to NU-Q media programs most competitive to date

April 23, 2012

NU-Q witnesses 36% rise in applications overall, 18% rise in Qatari applicants

Doha, Qatar – April 21, 2012 – Northwestern University in Qatar has issued acceptance letters to what will be the most elite class of incoming students yet to its Journalism and Communication programs for the 2012-2013 academic year.


The media school received 36% more applications than last year from an increasingly diverse applicant pool.  Prospective students had higher SAT, ACT, and standardized testing scores than previous years and claimed more than 40 nationalities.

The school’s overall acceptance rate, at 25%, is considered very competitive.

“There is a growing interest in the kind of programs we have at Northwestern University in Qatar,  as young people are recognizing the power and importance of media, and the variety of career opportunities that come with a degree in communication or journalism,” said Everette Dennis, dean and CEO of NU-Q.

Along with a general increase in students seeking admission to Northwestern’s programs in Qatar, the university noted an 18% rise in Qatari applicants over last year.

“This year we are proud to have received the highest number of Qatari applicants and acceptees yet in our four years in Qatar,” added Dean Dennis. “Qatar Foundation invited us to Qatar to help develop home-grown talent for the country’s media industry, and we look forward to seeing how our newest class of NU-Q students will use their media education to shape the nation’s future.”

The University will welcome the select students admitted to join the Class of 2016 to campus later this week for “Preview NU-Q,” an event that allows prospective students and their families an opportunity to learn more about NU-Q’s academic programs firsthand from its deans, faculty and students.

“This is an opportunity for prospective students to learn about the education and career prospects that a Northwestern education offers,” said Mounir Ouanaimi, Director of Admissions at Northwestern University in Qatar.

“Preview NU-Q is a moment where the entire university comes together to welcome the new admits and help them get a taste of what it is like to be part of Northwestern’s prestigious media programs as well as part of a warm and welcoming college community,” added Ouanaimi.

The Northwestern admissions process takes into account many application elements  including standardized test scores, high school grades, essays, recommendations and a personal interview. Only the strongest candidates are accepted to the school’s Journalism and Communication programs.