Students on Northwestern University in Qatar’s Fall Dean’s List exude talent

March 13, 2012

Doha, Qatar – March 13, 2012 – In recognition of their academic excellence during the fall term last year, Northwestern University in Qatar has announced the names of 45 students who have earned the distinction of being placed on the Dean’s List.

Inclusion on the dean’s list is one of the top academic honors at Northwestern. In order to receive the academic distinction, a student must have a grade point average of at least 3.75.

Everette E. Dennis, dean of Northwestern University’s Qatar campus, said, “Northwestern fosters an environment that encourages its students to strive for their utmost at all times.  The outstanding achievement these students have demonstrated by earning their place on the Dean’s List is a testament to their commitment and desire to succeed at Northwestern.  These students will be the future leaders of the media industry here in Qatar, throughout the Middle East and around the globe.  It is exciting to see them grow throughout their undergraduate years.”

For Ibrahim AlHashmi, a freshman in the communication program, it was the first time receiving this accolade: “I feel so happy and honored.  I faced a lot of challenges in my first semester and I didn’t expect to earn this honor.  At the same time, it makes me aware that it’s only the beginning and I have to work even harder to keep it.”

In his four years, Florent D’Souza, a senior in the communication program, has learned how to succeed whilst balancing multiple responsibilities: “Keeping focus and juggling so many projects while simultaneously staying on top of your academics can be difficult.”

While working as the web editor and team leader for this fall, D’Souza also served as a Learner’s Voice delegate at WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) and directed outreach for a TEDxEducationCity event that drew 350 young people.  Currently, D’Souza is a digital producer for The Doha Debates and a co-curator for an upcoming TEDxEducationCity event in April.

“One of the most important lessons for me over these past four years at Northwestern has been learning to manage my time, energy and efforts to strike a balance between my academics and my extracurricular activities,” added D’Souza.

Senior Communication students given the honor are: Fatema Al-Hadad, Florent D’Souza, Melanie Fridgant and Zaina Salameh.

Junior Communication students are: Saja Al-Meer, Tasbih Amin, Dana Atrach, Shahd Dauleh, Alreem Kafoud, Motasem Kalaji, Meriem Mesraoua and Rasha Said.

Sophomore Communication students are: Nawal Alirani, Muna Barakat and Hazar Eskandar.

Freshman Communication students are: Ibrahim AlHashmi, Najwa Al-Thani and Nissryne Dib.

Senior Journalism students are: Laala Al-Jaber, Mai Al-Mannai, Camila Ferreira, Zainab Sultan and Nazneen Zahan.

Junior Journalism students are: Sidra Ayub, Benazir Karim, Caitlin Sewell and Elysia Windrum.

Sophomore Journalism students are: Zineb Abdessadok, Asma Ajroudi, Zena Al Tahhan, Tessniem Alhafidh, Saif-U-Din Alnuweiri, Yara Darwish, Sara Khodr and Jassim Kunji.

Freshman Journalism students are: Aamena Ahmed, Maha Al-Ansari, Abir Bouguerra, Gena El Aker, Jaimee Haddad, Haneen Hindi, Angel Polacco, Marium Saeed and Reem Zubaidi.