Spencer Striker is associate professor-in-residence for communication, specializing in digital media design. Striker’s creative scholarship is organized around digital media design that embraces interaction design, mobile media, digital media and learning, game media, and entrepreneurship.

He has taught at the American University in Dubai, (where he served as Coordinator of the Digital Media Program), the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, (where he co-founded the Media, Arts, and Game Development Program), and Indiana University at Bloomington. Striker has designed and taught a wide range of creative production courses, including Mobile Game Design, 2D Computer Animation, Digital Podcast Production, Sound Design, Web Design, Creative Opportunities in Contemporary Media, New Communication Technologies, and Next Gen Interactive Entertainment. 

In addition to his teaching experience, Striker has been active in the digital media industry, having served as founding creative director of the Silicon Valley learning games startup, Galxyz, Inc., and producer and product manager at Kno, Inc. Continuing his work in narrative-driven, educational mobile game design—and with the support of a HBKU Innovation Center Rapid Response Grant—Striker is developing Dr. Sara: Disease Detective, an action-adventure, a visual novel mobile game that combines character-driven simulation of Epidemic Intelligence Officer detective work with gameplay dynamics around network science, fomites, vectors, and contact tracing. 

Striker has developed History Adventures, World of Characters—a fully interactive digital book series that presents a fresh approach to history education, designed for today's digital generation. This interactive, multimodal learning experience combines mobile entertainment technology with the power of narrative design—bringing the pages of history to life. Having completed two major digital products in the series, Revolutions & Industrialization (1750-1900) and Empires & Interconnections (1450-1750), Striker has begun work on Global Pandemics, which will tell the story of 5 pandemics across history to help students better contextualize the world around them today. Via a cross-platform distribution strategy that includes deployment to Chromebooks (web app), Android, iOS, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kindle, History Adventures will be accessible in 2021 on every device and platform found at home and in the classroom.  

In the area of digital journalism, Striker has developed QatarPodcasts.com, which serves as a platform through which to develop new Qatar-based podcast series with various concepts—which has so far resulted in two student-produced podcasts: Qandid Qatar, a series focused on in-depth conversations with Qatar-based VIPs; and Qatar in Quotes, a series focused on the lives of “ordinary people with extraordinary stories.” Previously, Striker launched two of Dubai’s most influential podcasts. The Dubai Wave Podcast looked at big picture Dubai, illuminating a 360-degree viewpoint of the city via in-depth interviews with leading personalities in various industries; and Digital Dubai, which focused on innovators in Dubai’s burgeoning tech scene. 

His projects have garnered some of the highest awards in the digital media field, including the Webby, (the “Oscars of the Internet”), the Horizon Interactive Award for Best Mobile App, and being shortlisted for the 2020 Reimagine Education Award for Best Educational App, (the “Oscars of Education”). Striker’s work has also been featured at major national and international conferences, including invited demos at the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon; the 2018 Step Conference in Dubai; and the 2019 Tokyo Slush Startup Showcase. He is the recipient of numerous grants, fellowships and other awards, including the Oxford Summer Research Institute fellowship and support from the Gates Foundation.

Striker holds a Ph.D. in Digital Media from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a Master’s in New Media Production and Design from Indiana University at Bloomington, and undergraduate degrees in Radio-TV-Film (B.S.) and History (B.A.) from the University of Texas at Austin.