Spencer Striker, PhD specializes in digital media design. His work centers on interaction design, mobile media, digital media and learning, video games, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Striker’s major current project is History Adventures: World of Characters—a fully interactive digital learning series that presents a fresh approach to history education, combining mobile entertainment technology with the power of narrative design. Dr. Striker’s other current projects include Global Pandemics: Plague of Athens (desktop Chrome browser web app version); Global Pandemics: Black Death (iOS/Android native app for tablet); Empires & Interconnections, (adapted from the award-winning Apple Books interactive version to iOS/Android native app); Plague of Athens: a VR Experience (adapted from the Chrome browser web app); and the Digital Doha Podcast.

Dr. Striker’s digital design awards include an Anthem Awards Silver Medal; two Horizon Interactive Gold Awards; two nominations for Best Educational App at the Reimagine Education Awards; and four Webby Awards. Dr. Striker’s projects have received competitive funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Northwestern’s Innovation & New Ventures Office; the Oxford Research Institute; the HBKU Innovation Center; and the Qatar National Research Fund. Dr. Striker’s work has received excellent press and reviews in media outlets ranging from screenwriting to education technology and has been featured at major national and international conferences, including official selections to the ALPHA showcase at the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon, the 2019 Tokyo Slush Startup Showcase, and the 2022 Games, Learning, and Society Game Showcase in Irvine, CA. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Striker has worked in the digital media industry, having served as founding creative director of the Silicon Valley learning games startup, Galxyz, Inc, (which raised $4m in funding from Relay Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective), based on his original narrative/game design concept, an “intergalactic science adventure.” 

Dr. Striker holds a Ph.D. in digital media from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a Masters in new media production from Indiana University at Bloomington, and undergraduate degrees in radio-TV-film (B.S.) and history (B.A.) from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Current CV

Media Awards


2022   Anthem Awards: Silver Medal - History Adventures

2021   Tech Edvocate Award - Best Augmented Reality App

2021   w3 Silver Award - Best Mobile App for Education

2020   Horizon Interactive Awards, Gold, Mobile Apps - Education
Empires & Interconnections, 1450-1750

2019   Horizon Interactive Awards, Gold, Mobile Apps - Education
Revolutions & Industrialization, 1750-1900

2010   Webby Award - Online Film & Video

2010   People’s Voice Webby Award - Online Film & Video

2010    Davey Silver Award – Online Film & Video

2009   Webby Honoree Award - Online Film & Video

2008    Webby Honoree Award - Online Film & Video



2022   EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award - Dr. Sara: Disease Detective

2021   Best Educational App, Reimagine Education Awards - Best Mobile Game

2021   Best New Mobile App, Mobile App Awards - Dr. Sara: Disease Detective

2020   Best Educational App, Reimagine Education Awards - History Adventures

2017   Dubai Smartpreneur 2.0 Competition - Conscribo

2012   Digital Media & Learning Competition - GameZombie TV

2010   Mashable Award – Best Web Video

Media Work

History Adventures: World of Characters, 2017 - present

Fully interactive, cross-platform digital learning series, whose accolades include Anthem Awards Silver Medal; Horizon Interactive Gold Award; and a nomination for Best Educational App at the Reimagine Education Awards. Funded by Northwestern’s INVO (Innovation & New Ventures Office). In partnership with NU’s Center for Talent Development. Presents a fresh approach to history education, designed for the digital generation. Combines mobile entertainment technology with the power of narrative design—bringing the pages of history to life. The series includes several major installments:


Global Pandemics: Plague of Athens, 2022

Digital learning experience built for desktop Chrome browser—designed to enhance student understanding of pandemics in world history. Features cutting-edge web animation, interaction design, and digital storytelling. The story of Nikos, a physician during the Plague of Athens, 429 BCE, sworn to the Hippocratic Oath, who confronts his medical ethics. A fully immersive VR version for Oculus Quest is in production.


Empires & Interconnections, 2021

Interactive, multimodal learning experience, built for Apple Books and then ported to iOS/Android using Unity3D, combines mobile entertainment technology with the power of narrative design. 1450-1750: during this period of colossal change, the world got smaller. Explores the lives of 6 amazing men and women around the globe.


Revolutions & Industrialization, 2020

Interactive, multimodal learning experience, built for Apple Books then ported to Chromebooks web app, iOS, and Android. Students examine whether the technological and economic advancements of the period from 1750-1900 were worth the human cost. Explores the lives of 5 fascinating characters around the globe.


VR as a Hybrid Learning Solution for Education in Times of Crisis, 2021-present

Addresses the pressing issue of achieving high-quality, uninterrupted education in a lockdown-like scenario via the design of an original Virtual Reality-Based Hybrid Education solution being designed for Qatar-based K-12 educators and students. Supported by competitive funding from the Qatar National Research Foundation.


Dr. Sara: Disease Detective, 2021

Dr. Sara: Disease Detective is an action-adventure, visual novel mobile game that combines character-driven simulation of Epidemic Intelligence Officer detective work with gameplay dynamics around network science, fomites, vectors, and contact tracing. The project was supported by a competitive grant from the HBKU Innovation Center.


Surviving Pandemics in History - a VR Experience, 2021-present

Supported by a Northwestern University Provost Faculty Grant, this virtual reality experience achieves an immersive verisimilitude of living through major pandemics in world history.


Assessing Qatari Emerging Media Engagement, 2020-present

Serving as a Principal Investigator in a multi-year, longitudinal study of how AR, VR, and other Emerging Media are being utilized in Qatar. Conducting qualitative research through podcasting. Supported by competitive funding from the Qatar National Research Fund.


QatarPodcasts.com | Digital Doha Podcast, 2020-present

Founded QatarPodcasts.com, a platform for developing Qatar-based podcast series. Qandid Qatar offers in-depth conversations with Qatar-based VIPs/local celebrities, while Qatar in Quotes focuses on “ordinary people with extraordinary stories.” The Digital Doha Podcast examines the vanguard of digital media innovation in the Middle East.

Digital Doha Podcast Interview Selections

Ep. 2: No Words, featuring Mariam Al-Dhubhani - May 10, 2021

Ep. 4: Chaos Antidote, featuring Hadeer Omar - July 27, 2021

Ep. 5: VR Encyclopedia, featuring Julia Leeb - November 27, 2021

Grants & Fellowships

2022    NU-Q Research Fellowship, $25,000

2021    QNRF: VR as Hybrid Learning Solution for Education, $50,000

2021    INVO Innovation and New Ventures, N.XT Ed Tech Seed Funding, $25,000

2021    Provost Grant for Research in Humanities, Social Sciences, & the Arts, $3,000

2021    HBKU Innovation Center, Rapid Response Grant, $27,000

2020   NPRP, Qatar National Research Fund, $483,000

2020    Internal Research Grant, Northwestern University in Qatar, $15,000

2020   Educational Technology Teaching Fellows Program, Northwestern University

2016   Oxford Summer Research Institute Fellowship, $20,000

2016   Faculty Student Mentorship Grant, Office of the Provost, $5,000

2016   Faculty Teaching Offset Award (FTO), Office of the Provost, $10,000

2012   Grant Writing Fellowship, Digital Media & Learning Competition, $5,000

2012   Inclusive Excellence Initiatives Grant, $2,000

2012    Visiting Artist Grant, $3,000

2011   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Games, Learning, & Society, $5,000

2011   Academic Staff Development Grant, AERA, New Orleans, $1,000

2010   Academic Staff Development Grant, Next Web Conference, $5,000

2010   College of Arts & Communication/Provost Office, Webby Awards, $4,000

2010   Just-In-Time Award, Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference, $1,000


  • Mobile Game Design
  • 2D Computer Animation
  • Digital Podcast Production
  • Sound Design
  • Web Design
  • 3D Computer Animation
  • Interactive Product Design
  • Media Literacy for Sports, Master’s in Sports Administration Program

Press for Digital Media

Global Pandemics: Plague of Athens

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Empires & Interconnections (1450-1750)

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Revolutions & Industrialization (1750-1900)

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Dr. Sara: Disease Detective

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QatarPodcasts.com | Digital Doha Podcast

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