Scheherazade Safla-Gaffoor is a South African who strives to make an impact by empowering underrepresented voices on various media platforms, through her work as an editorial consultant, and journalist. Her research interests include the challenges of television reporting in the Global South; the progress of assistive technology; teenagers’ use of online media, as well as exploring the portrayal of women of color in new digital spaces, and the sporting world. 

Scheherazade holds a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University and has more than twenty years of experience in the broadcast and corporate communications industry. She started her career at Channel 5 in London, then worked as a reporter and news anchor for South Africa’s very first 24-hour news channel, ENCA.  

Scheherazade has also produced and hosted documentary specials. She spent two years as a digital media manager before returning to report full-time for global news outlets like TRTWorld in Turkey, and Al Jazeera English. Most recently, she was a senior reporter/producer for The Exchange on Euronews, and its flagship show, Qatar365, in partnership with Media City Qatar. 

Research Interests

  • Television reporting in complex cultural environments
  • The representation of women of color in new digital spaces, and in sports broadcasting
  • The advancements of assistive technology in the Global South
  • Patterns of online media use among teenagers


  • Influential Public Speaking
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Articulating Impactful Images
  • Podcasting
  • Managing Media Teams