Matthias Krug is an academic, author, and former international journalist and strategic communications professional, with a teaching and research focus on the intersection of creativity, strategy, communications, and storytelling across digital and other publishing spheres.

Matthias is the author of 11 books, including the first book about Qatar’s football and sports history in the lead-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which was featured and positively reviewed in media across the world. He has a decade of experience in international journalism writing for some of the world’s leading media outlets, including Al Jazeera English, BBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, El Pais, ESPN, Arts Monthly Australia, The Irish Examiner, The Providence Journal, DPA news agency, The Buenos Aires Herald, and Four Four Two. His teaching also draws on professional expertise from over a decade in strategic communications and media, strategy, partnerships and advocacy, and managing a Newsroom for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Matthias’ most recent academic publications include writing a chapter in the Routledge Handbook on Sport in the Middle East (2022) on Qatar’s football and sports history, in line with his additional expertise on sports and major events. He has also published peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals, including in the International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics and in the Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Journal, as well as literary short stories in international literature journals. 

Matthias has also conceptualized, developed, and overseen the implementation of award-winning social media strategies for organizations, including those awarded for Best Use of Social Media and Communications and PR Campaign of the Year at global PR awards during the global pandemic. Over the past decades he has reported from and worked at major sporting events including five FIFA World Cup™ Finals and UEFA Champions League Finals, Asian Games and European Championships, as well as Olympic Games. He is also an editor and writer with extensive experience in editing and shaping texts and scripts including film, museum exhibition curation projects, speechwriting and book projects, over the past two decades.

Matthias holds a PhD with top honors in English Linguistics and Literature and International Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has extensive experience lecturing and teaching at leading global universities, institutions and academic conferences in the USA, UK, Germany, Qatar, Spain, France, Portugal, Lebanon, and beyond. 

Research Interests

  • Creativity and creative writing 
  • Strategy and strategic communications
  • Storytelling across digital and other publishing spheres
  • Journalism and media management 


  • Media Spin and Strategies 
  • News and Numbers 
  • Managing Media Teams 
  • Corporate Storytelling 
  • Strategic Crisis Communication 

Articles and Chapters

Selected academic articles and chapters

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Krug, Matthias, International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics; Edition 2, N.º 2, (2011): 145-166: CREATIVE COGNITION: A 'WAVE METHOD' ANALYSIS OF FRANZ KAFKA'S 'METAMORPHOSIS' - ProQuest

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