Miriam is an academic professional who is committed to academic excellence. She held a range of academic positions in Lebanon and the GCC, including advising diverse students throughout programs such as engineering, business, international relations, and media studies, reporting to the provost and the dean of student affairs, and leading a team of advisors.

Miriam specializes in multitasking, mentoring, researching, and implementing best practices, creating a culture of student engagement, developing student center strategies, data analysis and reporting, student retention and success, first-year student experience, and accreditation reporting. She has served on numerous committees related to curriculum and quality enhancement. 

Among the courses that Miriam teaches are finance, management, accounting, and mathematics. In addition to teaching, Miriam has published research papers on advising.

Miriam is passionate about data analysis and has completed three certificates in data analysis and reporting in 2021. 

She was nominated to NASPA's Dedicated Professional Award in 2021.

Miriam earned her MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in banking and finance with distinction in 2002 and 2005 from the Lebanese American University.