Dan Hague is an accomplished Electrical Engineer and experienced Manager/Mentor with a 45 year history of staying the course to complete large corporate and university projects. He has shown consistent leadership skills from early project planning phases including discovery, design, and engineering all the way through product procurement, installation, and finished system operations including certification, testing, service descriptions, process, staffing, and policy.
Since 2009, as the Senior Engineer for Northwestern University, he gathered faculty and staff teaching, learning, and meeting requirements to design AV technologies for a new 48,000 square meter building located in Qatar. Responsibilities include 27 classrooms, 31 meeting rooms, two studios, a 100 square meter public indoor display, a 300 square meter public outdoor display, a building wide digital signage system including the associated video infrastructure required to support these technologies.  
Hague served as Senior Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar from 2004 responsible for all their new building AV spaces and AV infrastructure from discovery through full operations and service descriptions until 2009.
Before spending 20 years in Qatar, Hague was the Senior Engineer at the University of Michigan serving in the role of project and product team leader for numerous campus video infrastructure convergence initiatives. This role included leadership across three UM campuses (Flint, Dearborn and Ann Arbor) in addition to the UM Health System and UM Athletics to usher in CATV, Satellite, Video Conferencing, Telemedicine, Streaming, IPTV, BlueStream Content Managment System, Library of Congress Archive Quality Video and Audio Encoding and supporting other technologists with their projects.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.