Eddy Borges-Rey is associate professor-in-residence at Northwestern University in Qatar. His area of academic expertise is digital journalism and emerging media, and his teaching includes courses on mobile journalism, data journalism and social media for journalists, amongst others. Prior to obtaining an MA and PhD in Media and Communication from the University of Malaga in Spain, Borges-Rey worked as a broadcast journalist, media producer and PR practitioner for almost 15 years.

Overall, Borges-Rey’s research looks at the interplay between media, technology and power, particularly around issues in data journalism, critical data, code and algorithm studies, artificial intelligence and automation, mobile journalism, innovation, photojournalism, and data and media literacy. 

He is co-editor of the forthcoming edited collection Data Journalism in the Global South (Palgrave), and the book series Palgrave Studies in Journalism and the Global South. His research has been published in journals such as Digital Journalism (Taylor and Francis), Journalism Practice (Taylor and Francis), Journalism (Sage), and Convergence (Sage), amongst others. He has contributed to field-defining publications such as The Routledge Handbook of Developments in Digital Journalism Studies and the second edition of the Data Journalism Handbook. He is co-director of the Life in Data project (funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh) and has advised the Scottish Government on their commitment to design and deliver services to enhance citizens’ data literacy in Scotland. Borges-Rey is currently working on two monographs for Routledge: Journalism and Data: Tensions and intersections and Automated Journalism: Algorithms, Bots and Computational Cognition

Eddy Borges-Rey has taught, and carried out research in Venezuela, Spain, Vietnam and the UK. Whilst based in the UK, he acted as Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and the Programme Director of the MSc in Media and Communication Management (Vietnam) at the University of Stirling.