Dana J. Atrach is a Palestinian screenwriter who is fascinated by the world of untold stories. She has a fascination with world building and showcases her fictional words through varied media and installations. She creates to raise awareness and inspire change by tackling quotidian social issues through comedy. Thematically, she tends to focus on identification and the emotions entangled in self-doubt or doubt in general. Atrach believes that every individual’s story is worth telling and aspires to be the outlet that enlightens viewers to see the enchantment behind every story.  

Atrach holds a BS in Communication and Media Studies from Northwestern University in Qatar and an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of California, Los Angeles. Atrach works with the Doha Film Institute as a Script Consultant and Development Mentor, where she has developed several award-winning short films. She is also a professionally certified video game writer and is currently working with Lunacy Studios on their debut video game.