Allagui’s academic experience includes more than 15 years of teaching at the University of Montreal, Canada, and the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She also has experience working for a communication agency and for the new media industry in Montreal. Allagui specializes in teaching integrated marketing communication (IMC) courses, particularly public relations, advertising, IMC and strategic research methods. She also taught Arab media courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels when invited as summer Visiting Professor at the Institute of Journalism and Communication, IJK, Hannover, Germany (Summer 2018).  Her research interests focus on, among other things, the social integration of new media in the Arab region, the Arab cultural industries, and IMC practices (i.e. advertising, public relations)  in the MENA region.

Allagui is the author of the forthcoming book, Advertising in MENA Goes Digital, published by Routledge (March, 2019). She has contributed to global forums and congresses, held conference presentations, published dozens of peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles, and has edited and co-edited special section volumes on the role of new media in the MENA region’ social transformations. Allagui serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Communication (USC) and the journal Internet Histories (Taylor & Francis) and as a reviewer for several academic journals. She earned a PhD in communication sciences from the University of Montreal, Canada.

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  • IMC 330 Principles of Public Relations
  • IMC 331 Public Relations Communication Strategies and Writing
  • Stratcom 303 Introduction to strategic communication
  • Stratcom 307 Digital, Social, and Mobile Marketing
  • Stratcom 320 Strategic communication campaigns


  • Analyzing effective PR campaigns that have proven success with social media.
  • Researching digital transformations and social empowerment in the MENA region
  • Exploring trends in successful Integrated Marketing Communication practices
  • Examining entrepreneurship initiatives, start-ups and webcasting practices in the MENA region
  • Understanding gendered use of new media in the MENA region



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Awards & Grants

Internal NU-Q Research Grant. When Advertising Goes Arab. Analysis of seminal IMC campaigns in the MENA region. Northwestern University in Qatar. (2014)

National Research Foundation award. Emirates Internet Project. On competition. United Arab emirates. (2011)

‘Best Paper’ award in the Marketing section. International Business Research Conference. Research for Change. California. (2013)

AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) Robert Picard award for best book and monograph in media management and economics for the year 2007. Awarded for “Webcasting worldwide: Business models of an emerging global media”, Ha., L. et Ganahl, R. (Eds.) Co-authored two chapters. (2007)