Haya Al-Noaimi’s work looks at meanings of ‘protection,’ practices of security and lived experiences of insecurity in the Gulf region during the colonial (1800s-1960s) and postcolonial (1970s-present) period. She received her PhD in gender studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London where she researched gendered aspects of militarization in the Gulf, focusing closely on the experience of national males undergoing military service in Qatar and the UAE. Al-Noaimi completed an MA in international law, diplomacy and international relations at Université Paris-Sorbonne, and a BSFS in International Relations from Georgetown University. Prior to joining Northwestern Qatar as an assistant professor in residence in the Liberal Arts Program, Al-Noaimi was a postdoctoral fellow at Georgetown University, Qatar where she taught classes on gender, power, politics and Gulf futurism.