Student Films

Being a media school, our Wildcats create amazing films and documentaries as part of their classes and personal projects. Watch some of them here.

The Egg

The Egg tells the story of how an abandoned building in downtown Beirut has become a symbol of the city’s revolutionary spirit.

produced by 

Nada Qaddorah


Franz Fanon Explainer

Franz Fanon explores Fanon’s study of the black psyche in a white world and how it continues to be a major influence on civil rights, anti-colonial, and black consciousness movements.

produced by 

Danna Takriti

Angela Davis

Angela Davis highlights the life of the well-known political academic and activist whose work continues to inspire political movements around the world.

produced by 

Farah Al Sharif

Belly Dance

A short film on the evolution of public perception of the belly dancing profession, from its depiction in 19th century paintings and 20th century Egyptian films to today’s social media and music videos

Produced by 

Farah Gomaa


Student Clubs

Not Another Film Club

Not Another Film Club screens films that are significant to the art of filmmaking. The club builds a sense of community through shared appreciation of the aesthetic value of the visual arts while also taking part in debates and conversations before, after, and during meetings and screenings. The society also takes part in local, national and international film festivals and conferences.

Student Documentaries

Watch films and documentaries made by your fellow Wildcats that have won awards both locally and internationally.

Design with Gold

This process documentary looks at the beauty and intricacy of islamic art and the unique details that are weaved in through the geometrical designs.

Directed by 

Salwa Sadek 



Boxing Queen

This 360 video is about a female boxing instructor in Qatar who defied gender norms and followed her dreams.

Directed by 

Inaara Gangji, Nada Qadourrah, and Khadija Islow 




This film focuses on how the pandemic has made reusable face masks a trendy accessory and how the fashion industry is capitalizing on that.

Directed by 

Lolwa Alzaini and Kaltham Al Kuwari

Dissenting Voices

A short film that explains how emerging digital media platforms in India have responded to the shift toward right-wing commentary in mainstream Indian media and news.

Directed by 

Abdul Rahman Abid