Writing Center

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What We Do

We invite Northwestern Qatar students to come to the Writing Center for a unique learning opportunity, which focuses on one-on-one, peer-to-peer feedback. Students seeking help on a variety of assignments at every stage of the writing process including generating ideas, structure, organization, research practices, citation formatting, and general guidance on English grammar and punctuation are welcome to book appointments in advance or drop by for half-hour to hour-long consultations.

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors are trained to be active listeners and to practice tutoring techniques that create an engaging learning experience. Each peer tutor also incorporates their individual skills and knowledge of specific Northwestern Qatar courses into their tutoring sessions. This uniquely qualifies peer tutors to give helpful, constructive feedback and to provide support to students working on a variety of course assignments. All peer tutors strive to help their clients become better writers/communicators by emphasizing writing as a process of learning and discovery.

Meet the Team


You can access a list of topics with helpful resources for you to use as you complete various Northwestern Qatar course assignments here. Some of these resources are course-specific and some of them are intended for general use. These resources are intended to be guides only and may not reflect your professors’ specific instructions. Therefore, the content in them may not always apply to your specific question or need. We encourage you to book an appointment with a peer tutor for more focused, individualized help. And, as always, if you are still not clear on how to proceed with your assignment, ask your professor!   

More Information


We provide learning support in the form of online, synchronous one-to-one appointments, and small group consultations. You may book a session at any stage of the writing process. We encourage you to book multiple appointments over the life of an assignment - from brainstorming through to the final revision before submission. Peer Tutors offer feedback on all types of writing assignments for your Northwestern Qatar classes or other writing projects. Peer tutors can also give you feedback on oral presentations and other forms of digital compositions and media projects.

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