Digital Advancement and Media Applications Lab

Who Are We?

The DAMA Lab at Northwestern Qatar serves the university to build a community of designers, journalists, researchers, students, and educators working on experiments in storytelling and research.

DAMA Lab will focus on three primary areas of collaboration within Northwestern Qatar

Collaborative Course Work

DAMA Lab brings tools and expertise into Northwestern Qatar courses by partnering with faculty to develop students’ projects with digital and media applications and innovative concepts to push work into new areas and experiment in new ways to communicate content and tell stories.

Research partnerships and sandbox

DAMA Lab and its team of student workers provides resources and a sandbox for research collaborations between Northwestern Qatar and outside partners. Testing, experimentation and research are executed, maintained, monitored and managed. Student and faculty researchers are invited to use the lab spaces as a sandbox for digital projects.

DAMA Lab Projects


Students at Northwestern Qatar have produced various podcasts about the people of Qatar and the exciting stories the have to offer. Below are podcasts that have been produced by our students.


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