Bachelor of Science DegreeJournalism

Bachelor of Science Degree

Journalism at Northwestern University in Qatar

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Our undergraduate program is leading the way in preparing multimedia journalists who can help shape and navigate a dynamic media landscape. The NU-Q curriculum ensures that journalism and strategic communication students become skilled not only in writing, reporting, editing, production, and critical thinking, but also in using multiple platforms (print, online, and broadcast) so that they can create compelling, high-impact journalism and strategic communication for interactive audiences.

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Curriculum and degree requirements

Our curriculum emphasizes journalism excellence, multimedia storytelling, ethics and professional behavior, audience understanding, research, quantitative literacy, visual literacy, and creativity. Students take about one-third of their courses in the journalism and strategic communication program (which includes a track in public relations); the other two-thirds are in the liberal arts and sciences.

The journalism degree at Northwestern University in Qatar is offered by the internationally respected Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. Since 1921, Medill has epitomized excellence in journalism and journalism education in the United States, and it is doing the same today in Qatar.

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Out of the classroom, into the newsroom

Journalism at Northwestern University in Qatar

Journalism residency

During their junior year, students participate in the Journalism Residency, an academic internship that gives them an invaluable real-world, immersion experience and networking potential within a media company. They receive course credit for working alongside professional mentors at newspapers, magazines, broadcast and online news operations, or public relations agencies.

Equipment and facilities

NU-Q students have access to the same top-of-the-line media equipment found in TV and broadcast studios around the world.

Careers in journalism and strategic communication

Northwestern University in Qatar

Many graduates of the journalism and strategic communication program find rewarding careers in online or broadcast journalism, public relations, or attend graduate school.

Beyond leading to a strong career, a degree in journalism offers students the chance to engage with the world around them in a critical way, so as to analyze information with skill and gain confidence as they communicate more and more effectively.

Jobs after graduation

Online journalist/reporter

PR specialist

Video producer/editor

Social media manager/producer

Web editor

Content producer

Graduate schools that have accepted NU-Q alumni:

Harvard University

Cambridge University

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

King's College, University of London

Loyola Marymount University

McGill University

Northwestern University

New York University

University College London

Study with award-winning professors in small classes.

Northwestern University in Qatar

The faculty at NU-Q demonstrate consistent and strong support to students at every stage in their academic careers.

NU-Q's journalism and strategic communication faculty members have experience in print, broadcast and multimedia journalism from some of the world's leading newsrooms.

Class sizes at NU-Q are small, meaning that students get individualized attention from teachers.

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