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Northwestern University in Qatar is a vibrant center of education and research because of the dedicated people who work here.

Dean & CEO

Everette E. Dennis

Dr. Everette E. Dennis is a widely-known institution-builder, educator and author having led several organizations over a distinguished career in higher education, foundations and advanced study centers. At NU-Q, he has strengthened curriculum, expanded the faculty, built a research program and led major outreach efforts putting the school on the map regionally and globally.

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Everette Dennis

Leadership team

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The members of Northwestern University in Qatar's leadership team are true visionaries, forward-thinking and ambitious in building this one-of-a-kind educational institution. Our team members—all accomplished and innovative leaders in their fields—work together to cultivate NU-Q’s quality of education, reputation, influence, scholarly research and day-to-day operations.


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NU-Q Faculty

NU-Q faculty members come from academia and industry, and they bring with them a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge. With small class sizes, our professors and lecturers are in a rare position to impart individualized guidance and educational support to their students.


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NU-Q Staff

Our staff are enthusiastic and committed to supporting students, faculty and the leadership team. Through the work of these dedicated professionals, NU-Q can serve its students and continue its work as a part of the larger educational community in Qatar.