MinorMedia and Politics

Media and Politics

Minor, Media and Politics

The minor in media and politics enables students to understand better how politicians, diplomats and policy-makers influence, and are themselves influenced by, the media in its myriad forms and formats. It also introduces students to the ideological and political implications of the representations that the mass media generate.

The minor is offered jointly by Northwestern University in Qatar and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar. It capitalizes on the strengths of both universities to provide students with an enhanced understanding of the role of mass communication in political, diplomatic and policy-making processes, as well as the role of politics in the shaping of mass media products and policies.


NU-Q students who fulfill the following requirements will earn a minor in media and politics. Georgetown students will earn a certificate in media and politics.  

Note: NU-Q students pursuing the BS in communication may not double-count courses to fulfill the major requirements and the minor; communication students should consult their academic adviser for appropriate courses. Students pursuing the BS in journalism may select courses from those listed below.

Introduction to Media History and Theory (two courses)

  • Required: MIT 212 Exploring Global Media and

  • Required: MIT 230 Understanding Media Contexts    

Advanced Media Theory (choose one course)

  • MIT 270 Theories of Mediated Communication or
  • MIT 313 Documentary History and Criticism 

Introduction to Media and Politics (choose one course)

  • GOVT 318 Media and Foreign Policy or
  • INAF 257 Media, Culture, and Politics in the Middle East 

Comparative Politics (two courses)

  • GOVT 060 International Relations
  • GOVT 040 Comparative Political Systems

* Introductory Georgetown comparative politics courses are only required if the NU-Q student has not already taken one (or both) of the equivalents at the NU-Q campus. If the student has taken POLITICAL SCIENCE 242 Introduction to Comparative Politics or Debates in Comparative Politics, then this counts as the equivalent of GOVT 040; and if the student has taken POLITICAL SCIENCE 242 Introduction to International Relations, then this counts as the equivalent of GOVT 060. Taking one or both of these courses at the NU-Q campus means that the student must still take two comparative politics courses at Georgetown but that they can be upper-level courses instead. The application form will list the approved upper-level courses that would work for the minor.

Final Project

NU-Q and GU-Q candidates will give a formal presentation attended by all media and politics faculty in residence during the spring semester in which the coursework is completed. NU-Q students will be required to submit a research or applied communication project that is the basis of their public presentation.

How to declare

Interested NU-Q and GU-Q students should contact their academic advisers and complete the online application for the program.