Northwestern University in Qatar, founded in 2008, offers undergraduate degrees in journalism and communication.

A top U.S. university

Ranked in the top 25 universities worldwide by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and #12 in the United States by US News and World Report, Northwestern is one of the best universities in Qatar. View Northwestern's rankings and awards »

High-quality, well-delivered information is a basic expectation in college, but an excellent university also anticipates the need for students to develop their individual strengths, promoting confidence as well as skills and knowledge. The curriculum and courses available to NU-Q students provide a flexible framework, helping them develop a range of skills as they work toward their highest potentials.

NU-Q's partnership with Qatar Foundation in Education City illustrates Qatar's commitment to offering students high caliber education as well as an internationally renowned degree, which is identical to that at our home campus in Evanston, Illinois, USA.

Northwestern graduates excel

Northwestern has over 200,000 alumni with a tradition of excellence for generations, including statesmen and women, leaders of institutions ranging from business and law to media and sports and a supreme court justice. Within media, few schools in the world can boast alumni who have led major media companies, virtually every media organization and platform from newspapers and magazines to television networks, advertising agencies, public relations firms and especially digital media enterprises.

Northwestern graduates stand on the commanding heights of new communications and can be found in every corner of the working world in positions from entry level to the executive suites and boardrooms. They are doers of the highest caliber having won Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer Prizes and virtually every award and honor imaginable. This is the alumni family into which NU-Q graduates enter as educated men and women.

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