To limit the number of people in the NU-Q building, some staff may be asked to continue to work remotely or by virtual means during the phased reopening of the building.

Remote Working Policy 

Faculty and staff working remotely are expected to be in compliance with Northwestern Qatar’s remote working policy, which can be found here.

Managers must allow for the continuation of remote work when an employee can perform the essential functions in whole or in substantial part (at least 75 percent of core duties) of the position remotely and satisfies one or more of the following conditions:

  • They are over 55 years of age or pregnant or have a serious underlying medical condition. Employees are not required or expected to disclose their medical conditions to their managers; however, they must submit their request to the Office of Equity at
  • They have lost childcare due to the pandemic. They are expected to investigate reasonable alternative childcare options, however.
  • They live with or serve as a primary caregiver for a high-risk individual.

Staff and faculty who do not meet these criteria may still be permitted to work remotely, subject to the individual discretion of their supervisor. In making such decisions, staff supervisors should partner and consult with NU-Q Human Resources.

Staff who have not been permitted to work remotely, but who still wish not to return to campus, can request to use accrued personal floating holidays or vacation to cover their time off.

Individuals who are high risk because of a serious underlying medical condition but are unable to work remotely due to the nature of their position, are encouraged to explore their accommodation options by contacting the Office of Equity. The University’s Policy on Non-Retaliation applies to requests for accommodation.

Policies for staff and faculty will be updated as needed and can be found on Sharepoint.