The fall 2020 semester will begin as scheduled on Sunday, August 23rd.

Class delivery will be fully remote for the fall term.

Technical-practical classes, which require equipment and resources located only in the building, are a possible exception to the fully remote model and might be delivered in a hybrid mode.

For all other courses, it is possible that faculty may be able to use classroom space on an occasional ad hoc basis for course-related instructional activities if, and when, return to the building is permitted.

For those classes that may take place in a hybrid mode during the fall term, the following requirements will be in place.

Classroom Configuration and In-classroom Practices

  • Students and faculty are required to maintain physical distancing and wear face masks or face covering
  • The number of students will be limited for in-person courses/sessions to no more than the capacity of the classrooms under physical distancing protocols
  • Close monitoring and tracking of students’ classroom presence will take place to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an exposure
  • Plans for courses that do not permit physical distancing and/or involve activities of higher risk, e.g., theater, performing arts, etc. are being developed
  • Whenever possible, classrooms will have one entrance and one exit

Expectations of Students in the Building

  • Building access will be limited to only those students with scheduled in-person classes and those who have confirmed appointments for services in the building, e.g., use of production spaces, check-out or return of equipment and library materials, etc.
  • Students scheduled for more than one in-person class on the same day may wait inside the building if the gap between classes is two hours or less. Students are required to maintain physical distancing and wear face masks or face covering